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Toxic Women Friendship

It’s OK To Let A Friendship End — It Means You’re Growing

Let go. It can be painful when female friendships end — but at the same time if the relationship has become stressful or frustrating, it can also feel like a relief. We know that when one door closes another opens, and it’s important to stay focused on quality gal pals who are positive-minded while bringing out your […]

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create instead of compete | Positive Women Blog

Positive Women Create vs Compete For What’s Already Here

Relationships can turn competitive, coworkers are often competitive and business people manifest stress and illness with competition but Positive Women CREATE instead of competing for what’s already here. Everything that is already here was created with thoughts, feelings and actions. Someone first thought of every product in your house, office and your vehicle. We are no different that those […]

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Stressed Woman - Dragonfly Process Solution

Women Stress Over Their Futures: A Powerful Way To Take Control Of Your Future

Women stress over so many things on their plate that stress is an epidemic creating anger, anxiety, panic attacks and depression. We attempt to be everything, do everything and get everything we were promised as little girls. Would you like to know what stress really is? Stress is the fear, sadness and anger that arise […]

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