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Change Your Life With PWRful Results Coaching

PWRful Results Coaching is different from other Life Coaching and here’s why… An update to this post Clarity Call Our first meeting is an Exploratory Interview to discuss what you want to accomplish in the next three months. This could be relationship related, family, parenting, career, money or health. We make sure we are a […]

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quality female friends | Kelly Rudolph

Got Girlfriends? How To Make Quality Gal Pals

Because birds of a feather really do flock together. I have always been a very positive, outgoing woman but I’ve lived most of my life without positive female friendships. So, I decided to make a concerted effort to cultivate friendships with healthy, inspiring, communicative women, and here’s what I have learned: 1. Like attracts like. […]

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Definition of reasons vs Definition of excuses

Definition Of Excuses Versus Definition Of Reasons

There’s a common misunderstanding between the definition of excuses and the definition of reasons. This is important because while a possible stumbling block may need to be expressed, responsible people want to avoid making excuses. Someone who makes excuses is a person who drains the energy of others, usually falls short of their promises and […]

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