Avoid Negative Emotions During Holidays

7 Tips To Avoid Negative Emotions During The Holidays

Even the most positive woman can be blindsided by negative emotions this time of the year so I want to share seven perspective shifts that can help you stay upbeat.

First, understand it’s common to feel gratitude, happiness and love as well as some sadness, loneliness or anger around the holidays. They bring to mind what you love as well as who and what you might miss and the fact that your year is coming to an end and may not have turned out as you’d hoped.

Gatherings and reminiscing can bring up both positive and negative emotions.

For example, the stress of exploding your budget buying gifts or waist line with sweets and feasts can easily create inner conflict, causing you emotional pain that far outlasts the season.


7 Tips To Avoid Negative Emotions During The Holidays


1. The most powerful gift is free

The absolute BEST gift is a handwritten card or letter telling the other person what you appreciate most about them. Spoken from the heart, it’s a gift worth more than money can buy. A heartfelt apology can clear the air and release decades of tension. Keep in mind an apology sets YOU free. It’s up to the other person what they do with it.

2. Stop buying into commercialism

Those who buy into (literally) the commercialism of the holidays are living on a surface level that can never build character and is always temporary. It leaves them feeling empty after the newness wears off. Determine what you want to FEEL this season and choose to do things that will facilitate that. Delete the toxic, drama people and begin your New Year feeling strong and on-purpose.

3. Give up control, it’s not your role

We are all on individual journeys learning valuable lessons in our own way. When we get frustrated because someone doesn’t say or do what we think they should, negative emotions are created instantly. Allow yourself to be a loving observer and positive influence by becoming the woman you’re meant to be instead of getting frustrated, angry or sad when someone doesn’t do what you think is best for them.

4. Negative emotions weigh on your mind and body

Extra weight is emotional padding. Your body tells the story of what’s going on emotionally. Food plays a part if you believe it does or you can change your beliefs. I once lost seven pounds in a week eating a two pound box of See’s Candies because I programmed my subconscious mind that the more chocolate I ate, the less I weighed. You are more powerful than you can even imagine.

5. Gratitude to feel better fast

Your physical and mental health is directly related to your emotions. Gratitude is the best way to feel better fast. Be grateful for the big and little things: family, sunshine, a good hair day, the puddle in front of your house or the happiness of your dog. When you stay in negative emotions for even a short amount of time, you become a magnet for more negative situations. Get your gratitude flowing as quickly as possible.

6. Give yourself a break

It’s okay to give yourself a break. No ONE can handle it all. And those who try (“try” implies failure) become shut-down emotionally and physically ill. Negative emotions are directly related to physical illness so there is very real incentive to keep a positive mindset . Schedule me-time and read a book, go for a walk, listen to music or meditate on how you want the world to be. Even 5 minutes can help you feel stronger.

7. Build a healthy relationship with yourself

Self-confidence requires building a stellar relationship with yourself. Realize that healthy boundaries, feeling good about yourself regardless of circumstance and designing a life and future you love accompany that evolution. It is completely possible for every woman.

Change is a challenge even when you want it so go easy on yourself. Allow this to be the holiday season where you begin to shift how you look at things and do things differently. Notice and observe how you feel and always go back to gratitude when you feel off-balance. It will bring you right back around. Nurture yourself. It takes practice. Stick with it and leave a comment below about which of these tips you like the best.

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    1. You’re welcome, Marko. Thank you for your kind words. 🙂 We truly ROCK when we learn how to create with positive emotions and delete the negative ones while learning the lessons from them.

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