Can You REALLY Have A Positive Attitude About Everything?

Positive mom and daughterAlthough life has it’s ups and downs, there are ways to put just about anything in a more positive light. The fact that we have that choice is empowering in itself. Just as nay-sayers can find fault with good things, positive people can find good in what most consider bad things.

Positive attitude may not come naturally to you but you can certainly practice positivity into a habit just as you would anything else.

Remember that simply counting to 10 prior to speaking your mind or making a decision puts you in control of your future. We so often just pop-off with words or actions not recognizing how simply we could have changed the direction of our lives in that moment. Yes, all it takes is a moment to change your life or someone else’s.

  1. What if someone counted to ten and thought before driving drunk? Would they decide to stay home instead? That would be positive.
  2. What if we took a moment of silence to think before snapping back at someone who is frustrated with us? Would we decide to let it go or respond calmly? That is positive.

Leave a comment about what in your life would be better beginning today if you could have a more positive attitude about everything?

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