Communication – Clarity And Personal Boundaries Are Key For Positive Women

When it comes to communication, clarity is key for positive women and so are personal boundaries!

I’m not sure which came first, women who say they are “FINE!” and mean otherwise or people who play power and control games with words – not saying what they really mean – leaving you and me to figure it out by reading between the lines – (Yes, that’s exactly what negative women do by saying “fine” when they are not!) but I DO know that these have created a VITAL need for personal boundaries in the area of communication!

Communicate Clearly | Positive Women Rock

“It is your responsibility

to speak what you want to say completely,

not mine to figure out what you mean

by reading between the lines.

I am a Positive Woman.

Therefore, you can depend on me

to say what I mean;

for I would not burden you with the responsibility

of playing a silly, disempowering game

of words and emotional drama, nor will I accept

that from you.” ~ Kelly Rudolph

3 Important Tips For Effective Communication:

  1. Know what you want and how you want it BEFORE you communicate with someone about your wishes – the clarity you receive can never be better than the clarity you give and usually not as good.
  2. Use positive language and speak what you DO want instead of what you DON’T want because you WILL get what you ask for! This will also allow you to speak half as much with twice the effectiveness and that’s just mind-blowingly exciting! 
  3. SHOW, by example, how you want to be spoken to – require people to speak clearly to you so you don’t have to waste time and energy doing the job they didn’t finish AND potentially get it wrong in the end – this is an unwinnable game for sure, and quite disrespectful of anyone who cares about you to expect you to play it!

The preceding tips are direct and as a positive woman you know it is VITAL to stand up for yourself to protect your energy and your confidence.

I look forward to you gaining clarity in your own communication and eliminating the time and energy wasting game of figuring out what other people want when they choose to be vague, which is often an attention-getting ploy played by the insecure instead of aiming toward personal growth so as to become more confident and a better contributor to a more positive society.

Remember, when it comes to communication, clarity and personal boundaries are key for positive women.

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2 thoughts on “Communication – Clarity And Personal Boundaries Are Key For Positive Women”

  1. Jody Stanciell

    I’m very happy to have this info. there’s always something new to consider. Thank you for this!

    1. Hey, Jody! Nice to see you here. This kind of communication really takes so much drama and trauma out of situations. It would be nice if we learned these things in school as kids! 🙂

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