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Holiday Confidence – 3 Tips To Boost Yours

“The holidays are filled with emotions like; fear, happiness, worry, regret,  gratitude, sorrow, joy, and depression… and protecting your holiday confidence is key!

Holidays bunched up together, along with the milestones of ending one year and beginning a new one are emotional.

While some people have fun-filled, loving, fantastic holidays with family and friends that look like a Norman Rockwell painting, truth is… most don’t.

And if you are wondering how to manage relatives who see you as who you used to be, or you are missing someone dear to you, your confidence may suffer big time.

If you’ve lost a loved one, job, money, beloved pet, or anything else you would have chosen to hold on to, you’re in good company.

Holiday time can tug on your heartstrings, drain your finances, and send you into a chaotic tinsel and mistletoe covered frenzy.

To begin your New Year feeling strong, you need…

3 Tips For Holiday Confidence


1. Other people know how to push your buttons, whether they mean to or not (and vice versa).

Emotional buttons are from the past, stored in your subconscious mind.

When they get pushed, quickly switch your focus to something you are truly grateful for …in its totality. Something that if someone asked you to think of what is wrong with that thing, nothing would come to mind.


  1. “I’m grateful for the beautiful sunrise.” – Nothing wrong with that.
  2. “I’m grateful for my husband (with an underlying thought of, ‘I think he’s cheating’).” – A LOT WRONG WITH THAT.

By switching your focus to gratitude, you raise your energetic vibration to magnetize more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

2. No one can make you feel a certain way without your permission.

YOU choose how you feel about what people think and say.

Your automatic emotional response comes from your past experiences and what you believe is true in what they said. It’s not who you are NOW unless you allow it to be.

  1. If it’s positive, supercharge it and take it all in. A great boost to your holiday confidence for sure!
  2. If it’s negative, consider the source. People who say or do negative things are feeling insecure within themselves. It’s THEIR issue, not yours.

Keep in mind that when YOU say or do negative things, it’s YOUR issue, not theirs! Own it. Fix it.

3. You are a perfect soul, beautiful human being, and a confident woman at your core.

That’s who you are by default. Anything else you may think of yourself comes from the past – experiences, beliefs, and outdated internal programs that need to be deleted.

  1. As you grew up, a lot of other peoples’ labels, expectations, beliefs, and judgments were piled on top of your perfect self-esteem. Layers of sticky MUD.
  2. Cleaning it off allows you to step into your power and become the woman you’re meant to be (she’s underneath) – feeling healthy, happy, confident, and free!

Read my article about YOUR perfect self-esteem.

ROCK your Holiday Confidence! You deserve it.

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