law of vibration

How To Harness The Power Of Vibration To Create A Life You Love

When you learn how to use your energy to create what you want, you will fall in love with your life.

While we were in school learning to add up letters to equal numbers and concepts we would never use again, the Universal Law Of Vibration (as well as the other 6 Universal Laws) were going un-taught and therefore unused — at least consciously. How were we to know they were the keys to unlock the life and love we want

What we needed to be learning in school was that there were laws created to make the universe run smoothly. Laws that we could use to our advantage every minute of every day to create the life, love, health, career and finances we want. These laws are scientific, consistent and in affect 24/7. They are the only laws that are enforced 100% of the time and yet we never learned about them. Why not?

I suspect that if those who want to control us taught us how to be independent they would lose their power. Or maybe no one knew about these laws. Whatever the reason, we didn’t learn how to use them to our advantage or that they exist at all and now we can. There’s plenty of time to improve our lives and loves.

Very briefly, here’s how the Universal Law Of Vibration works. Our thoughts, words and feelings are full of energy. Either high frequency energy (as in love, joy, gratitude) or low frequency energy (as in anger, resentment, sorrow, hate). Based on science, these energies draw similar energy to them.

For example, feeling disdain for a co-worker can draw to you others who also have had a low frequency vibration like anger or sorrow in their day and you get to meet in the most wonderful way — a car accident! Like energy attracts like energy always, 100% of the time.

If you’re saying, “No, because I really thought positively about such and such and I got a bunch of garbage in my life instead of what I wanted,” then I assure you, your deeper feelings (emotions) were not in alignment with your positive thoughts. They couldn’t be or you wouldn’t have continue reading at YourTango… (and grab your Visualization Guide)

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