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How To Harness The Power Of Vibration To Create A Life You Love

When you learn how to use your energy to create what you want, you will fall in love with your life.

While we were in school learning to add up letters to equal numbers and concepts we would never use again, the Universal Law Of Vibration (as well as the other 6 Universal Laws) were going un-taught and therefore unused — at least consciously. How were we to know they were the keys to unlock the life and love we want

What we needed to be learning in school was that there were laws created to make the universe run smoothly. Laws that we could use to our advantage every minute of every day to create the life, love, health, career and finances we want. These laws are scientific, consistent and in affect 24/7. They are the only laws that are enforced 100% of the time and yet we never learned about them. Why not?

I suspect that if those who want to control us taught us how to be independent they would lose their power. Or maybe no one knew about these laws. Whatever the reason, we didn’t learn how to use them to our advantage or that they exist at all and now we can. There’s plenty of time to improve our lives and loves.

Very briefly, here’s how the Universal Law Of Vibration works. Our thoughts, words and feelings are full of energy. Either high frequency energy (as in love, joy, gratitude) or low frequency energy (as in anger, resentment, sorrow, hate). Based on science, these energies draw similar energy to them.

For example, feeling disdain for a co-worker can draw to you others who also have had a low frequency vibration like anger or sorrow in their day and you get to meet in the most wonderful way — a car accident! Like energy attracts like energy always, 100% of the time.

If you’re saying, “No, because I really thought positively about such and such and I got a bunch of garbage in my life instead of what I wanted,” then I assure you, your deeper feelings (emotions) were not in alignment with your positive thoughts. They couldn’t be or you wouldn’t have attracted what you got.

Underlying feelings about things come from our unconscious mind — the one that keeps us breathing and keeps our heart beating without us paying any attention to it. It also records everything we see, touch, taste, smell and hear every second …of every day …and always has. It’s the master recorder.

So while we are busy deciding what to wear and leaving on time for work, it may be recording our feelings about how angry or resentful we are about our body not fitting in our clothes the way we’d like. Because of this, there is a low frequency feeling (vibration) that will rear its ugly head later on. For right now, it’s tucked away and added to the magnitude of negative thoughts we’ve already had about not looking the way we want. Every little negative thought adds to the collection of low frequency energy.

Later when we say, “I should be feeling good because I love my body, and tell myself how good I look in my clothes,” that recording system of the unconscious mind says, “Really? Because I’ve recorded 4,723 times you spoke positive words while feeling hatred toward your body.” The feelings will always win. And that’s why you may think you’re positive and not getting (attracting) what you want.

Are you flinching at the thought of realizing that if this is true you’ve created some pretty awful stuff in your life? I sure did when I first heard about it …just before I recognized how powerful I am to create something better for myself. This is your inner power. It’s what we all search for — someone to make everything right and wonderful. What we need to know is that it has been us all along.

The Law Of Attraction has gotten a bad rap because what seems to be left out of the formula so often is the emotional aspect. You can visualize and speak positively all day long but what makes things happen are your feelings and emotions. Remember that if they are not in alignment with your thoughts and words, the energy of your feelings will always win.

To get what you want, you must visualize it while feeling what it’s like to already have it. The future doesn’t exist. Tomorrow never comes. When you tell yourself what you will have or want to have you’re speaking about the future. Those things you want may come about but only for a short time and will not be sustainable without a lot of hard work. You don’t have to work hard to get what you want. You simply have to know how to use your energy deliberately rather than by default, which is what we all do unconsciously until we know better.

Pushing to get something you want is being in resistance because whatever you push against pushes back. Creating this way will always have you in resistance. Intentionally creating using your vibration will pull (instead of push) things into your life and provide you with long-term success because energy you send out looks for energy that is a good vibrational match for it and vice-versa.

Relationship Example:

You’re upset with your boyfriend because he doesn’t use a coaster under his glass on your nice, wood table. This drives you nuts because it seems like it’s such an easy thing to do. You ask him to please use one but it doesn’t happen. The result is that you get more and more frustrated. You tell him in a more forceful way but he still won’t do it. You can’t figure out why this is such a challenge for him and all along, you’re feeling frustrated and now angry and resentful (while visualizing his sweaty glass on your beautiful table) that he’s disrespecting your wishes.

Look where your vibration is — low-frequency. Look at the picture you held in mind while in that vibration — exactly what you don’t want (the perfect way to create more of it). Whether or not you’re kind in your request, your negative vibrations of frustration, anger and resentment combined with a vivid image of the wet glass on the table are creating you as a magnet to attract other negative energy to you (while of course, no coaster is used). You may have a bad day at work or the heel of your favorite shoe breaks. You may lose a promotion at work or get in a fender-bender on the way home. It doesn’t look (consciously) like these things are connected but energetically, they are.

We should have learned this in school. This is the best conceptual thinking you will ever do. And you can use it every minute of your life. The best life is lived when this conscious creating becomes second-nature.

So how do you get what you want in love and life? Let’s use the coaster situation as an example. The way to get your man to use a coaster, if asking hasn’t worked, is to visualize him doing it automatically and allow yourself to feel the feelings of seeing that coaster under his glass. Feel the happiness and excitement that he is protecting your table. Visualize it over and over for 16 seconds or longer each time and talk to yourself about how great it is and how respected and loved you feel that he does this for you.

Sound silly? Maybe, but that’s how it works and seemingly small issues have started and fueled fights since relationships began. And it’s a simple example to use for visualizing what you want with feeling since that is the way to create what you want. You don’t need to know how you’re going to get what you want because the energy will do the work. You’ll see opportunities appear as if out of nowhere. Give it time. Practice, practice, practice.

The Law Of Physics never changes. We get what we focus on.

Remember this when your day isn’t going as you’d like. Notice what you are focusing your thoughts on and then notice the feelings surrounding those thoughts. Shift your focus to something better, happier, even for a few seconds at a time to practice. As you become more familiar with looking inside yourself for answers to why your life is the way it is, you’ll feel your inner power begin to awaken.

Whether this concept is new to you or not, you’re creating all the time and you can learn to create what you truly want. It takes practice so allow yourself time to get the hang of it. You’ll want to be sure you deliberately create correctly to avoid wasting your time so I made you a visualization checklist you can download here.

Hi, I’m Kelly Rudolph, Certified Life Coach, Hypnotist and Founder of Positive Women Rock. Are you tired of stress, lack of confidence and fear about your future? I can help. Start getting my free Life Strategies now.

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