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Inner Power Defies Logic… But Are You Allergic To Taking Charge?

It’s easy to think when something doesn’t make logical sense that it can’t or won’t work. Just like thinking about taking charge of your life when you feel ill-equipped and a lack of inner power. But you’ve already learned things that DO make logical sense and are still untrue. For example, 1+1=2. Or does it? If you’re talking about 1 puddle + another puddle, that equals one larger puddle so 1+1=1.

Just like 1+1 doesn’t always equal 2, logic loses its luster and limits when we’re talking about power… YOUR inner power specifically.

This happened the other day…

One of my new Inner Power Breakthrough clients had all the usual and logical reasons for having allergies:

  1. the weather changed
  2. pollen was in the air
  3. it’s been windy
  4. she’d always had allergies
  5. her whole family has allergies

…all this plus taking ownership by saying “MY allergies.”

I knew they would most likely disappear during her program. What I didn’t see coming was that they prevented us from working together… TWICE.

There were no allergy symptoms while she gave me a quick update on her progress or when she talked about her past. But all of a sudden… just as we began to discuss her future and how powerful she is, her nose plugged up, she sneezed uncontrollably, started to cough, and lost her voice… all within 60-90 SECONDS! TWICE.

Logically, we had to stop because she couldn’t breathe or speak.

But here’s the very cool part…

The emotional cause for allergies is “denying your own power.”

She was in an Inner Power Breakthrough. She was about to step into her power and take charge of her life. But being powerful would go against her old, self-sabotaging beliefs – hence perfectly timed allergy attacks to prevent her from continuing!

This is why it can be so difficult (and even impossible) to succeed in programs, school, work, your business, relationships, health, or finances even though you REALLY want to. Protective self-sabotaging mechanisms can show up in many different forms (and other than physical) and stop you in your tracks.

In a nutshell, each time the conversation turned to being powerful, the allergies representing denying your own power started up.

Third time’s a charm.

The third time we met (always by phone), as soon as she sneezed once, I knew what was next if we didn’t stop the (unintentional) self-sabotage immediately! I shared the emotional cause, “denying your own power” and she agreed wholeheartedly that is how she’d been feeling and living.

We went into a guided visualization right away to eliminate the symptoms. Within a few seconds (after starting to cough) the allergy attack stopped and we were able to continue with her session.

During energy work, the symptoms started again as she was releasing an emotional junkball that was blocking her power. She took care of them instantly allowing herself to heal quickly and have full access to her internal strength.

She released the emotional baggage that caused allergies in the first place (and it came from WAY before her great-grandparents were born).

On the surface, her allergy attacks during our calls might have appeared as a coincidence, a stumbling block or a reason why we couldn’t work together. But what’s on the surface is never the reason. Which is why “fixing” what you see in front of you isn’t the solution. Truth is, the allergies were simply alerting us to the first thing beneath the surface she needed to release to step into her power and take charge of her life.

The many recovery programs and therapy she’s been through without success failed because the real issue was never addressed. BUT they certainly succeeded in further traumatizing her by making her talk about problems and re-live painful memories! Now she’s safe from all that because none of it is necessary to heal.

BONUS: The absence of allergies became tangible evidence to her and everyone who knows she’s had them all her life that SHE IS NOW IN CHARGE! 

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