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These are products, programs and services I use, believe in and recommend. I am an affiliate for each and although you will pay the same amount regardless, I do earn a referral commission on each product or service for recommending it to you. Thank you for using my affiliate links. CLICK AN IMAGE OR A LINK to visit a website and learn more.


FBinfluence is a simple, regularly updated (with FB’s frequent changes) program to help you get the most from Facebook. It lights the way to the mystery of how exactly to use FB for your business and get the results you want. I highly recommend this very reasonably priced program.
WP Affiliate Platform Turn your WordPress site into a profit center for everyone who promotes your products and programs by financially rewarding them! I’ve worked with 1ShoppingCart and ClickBank affiliate programs and WP Affiliate Platform is by far my favorite as it is simpler and gives you complete control! Excellent helpdesk if you have questions too!
VideoTrafficAcademy is a quick, to the point, fun way to learn the BEST way to make videos that work! The website is easy to navigate and you have access to updates and a helpdesk at an exceptionally reasonable price! See you in the site and on YouTube!
LinkedInfluence has made a HUGE positive impact on my search engine results on LinkedIn as well as shown me how to portray myself professionally and get the most out of LinkedIn in the shortest amount of time! It is fun and very reasonably priced!
I have purchased a TON of WooThemes and they are by far, my favorites! Woo is cutting edge when it comes to what’s hot on the web and they have one-click customization options for non-techie people. Their customers provide a gallery of creativity inspiring examples and their support forum and tutorials are exceptional!

I used to have a Virtual Private Server and now have my own Storm Server at LiquidWeb, which expands and contracts based on my website traffic. Hosting my sites with them means never having to worry about someone else’s launches or promotions taking up my bandwidth or slowing down my sites. The customer service at LiquidWeb is professional, accessible and EXCEPTIONAL! If you are working with membership sites, LiquidWeb is a must-have!

I have been using InstantTeleSeminar for my TeleSeminars and WebCasts since it’s launch in 2007. My presentations always look and feel professional and well put-together whether I add the elements to my own website or use the beautiful, customizable webpages they provide. I can show power points, allow my attendees to chat and raise their hand for questions. The automatic recording gives peace of mind and the replays are excellent audio quality. Try it out for 21 days for just $1!

I have been using AudioGenerator for welcome messages on my websites, TeleSeminar replays and audio articles and audio descriptions of my products and programs on sales pages since 2006. It is fun, simple and professional. Audio on your site helps your prospects to get to know, like and trust you. You can even set up a testimonial phone line and put audio testimonials on your site for a more powerful presence!

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Amazon S3 is my video storage service and hosts my audios and videos for just pennies per month. Amazon EzS3 is the service I use to create versatile video and audio players to put on my websites AND I can protect them by only allowing them to play on the domain I choose! GREAT for membership sites as well.

I use AWeber as my optin box/database/autoresponder service. They are reasonably priced and I find them much simpler to use than others I’ve used for several years. They are always adding to their templates and have excellent customer service!

WishList Member makes it fun and simple to create and manage membership websites. I use them for month-long programs, continuous memberships and secure events that may only last an hour. My content is protected and delivered in an organized, professional manner. The Wishlist Member tutorials and customer service are second to none! Also grab a WishList Insider membership while you’re on the site! It is a membership site for membership site owners and the info is priceless! See you in the forum…

WP Shopping Cart

Turn your WordPress blog site into a profit center! Sell digital AND physical products and programs with secure download links to prevent theft. WP eStore is the simplest, most user-friendly and customer-friendly store I’ve used. I love it’s simplicity, helpdesk if I need it and the capabilities of the program. It integrates well with many plugins you use or will want to use.

Would you like to learn a proven method for getting consistent results in your coaching practice? Join me at CoachVille where YOU will be trained in creating winnable games for your players (clients). Learn from the best, most dedicated coaches and become certified by the top coach training company in the world! Several flexible programs to suit your needs and outstanding customer service. I am honored to be trained by CoachVille and know that I am doing what I am passionate about in the best way possible for my clients! The feedback I’ve received is that this is exactly what my coaching clients needed in their lives and businesses. Do you want that kind of feedback from your clients too? See you at CoachVille!

RoboForm Rocks! I had RoboForm, then RoboForm Pro and now I have RoboForm Everywhere so my 277+ login usernames and passwords are handy and secure on my desktop, laptop, smartphone and on the web when needed.

I have been Oxycising since 2000 with excellent results! I did this fun, energizing 15-minute workout for 728 consecutive days and lost 18 lbs in 6 weeks plus a whole lot of inches! You can read my story here: My PMS symptoms are greatly decreased, my energy level is high and I can do it anywhere without equipment. It’s fun and 10 years later, I still look forward to it every day.


DivaToolbox is a community of women getting their message out to the world! My friend, Janet Powers created the site and is a spectacular promoter of women to media. If you want your message heard, read or seen, you will want to join us at DivaToolbox!

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