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6 Ways Negative Self-Talk Sabotages Your Weight Loss

I received an email from a subscriber to my Life Strategies email community regarding weight loss that brought up some really powerful points I want to share with you to help you stop struggling and start living.

I don’t know if you have a weight challenge or not so realize these tips work for other things as well.

The topic: What’s your self-talk doing to your life?

My call to action: Let me know which statement you catch yourself saying most often and what you’re changing it to.

Lila’s answer: I think my negative comment is the same as many other women….

“I will never lose the weight, and nothing seems to be working.”

I could change it to…

“I will lose weight when I stop making excuses and decide its important enough for me to change. Remember your weight is not what makes you beautiful.”

First of all, thank you for taking action, Lila. Being vulnerable and allowing yourself to be seen and supported is an enormous step forward toward becoming the woman you’re meant to be. It can be scary and I truly appreciate you for doing it.

Your example is the perfect opportunity to share powerful insights to help you and the entire Positive Women Rock community.

Lila, you’re are exactly right, many women DO have the same negative self-talk about weight. And in order to shift it, here are six powerful tips and some may surprise you.

Tip #1: What happens when you lose something? You look for it to get it back, right? Well, your subconscious mind does that automatically so it will look for the weight you “lost” in an attempt to get it back.

And because it’s so good at it’s jobs – one of which is keeping your heart beating – it’s pretty certain to find it either now or later. That is why it’s so easy to re-gain the weight. It’s more about your subconscious mind than what you eat or how much you work out (we’ll get to that later).

Empowering alternative: Donate the weight. What happens when you donate something? You get rid of it for good and it helps someone else. Visualize donating your excess weight to those who need it and appreciate it.

Tip #2: Have you ever told someone not to do something and they did it anyway? Here’s why. The subconscious mind sees in pictures and it can’t picture negatives like “don’t” and “not” so it removes them from the sentence. That means this part of Lila’s new statement, “Remember your weight is not what makes you beautiful,” ends up being, “Remember your weight is what makes you beautiful.”

Empowering alternative: Speak up and say what you want. People who have your best interest at heart are happy to know what you expect so they can stop attempting to read your mind and playing hit-and-miss to please you.

When talking to yourself, say what you want and visualize it as if you already have it. In your vision, notice every detail – what you feel, hear, see, taste, and smell. It gives the subconscious a clear picture of what to create for you.

Tip #3: Your self-talk must feel good to empower you. Lila has done what most women do. She has beat herself up again in her new statement by accusing herself of making excuses and blaming herself for not putting her healthy as a priority …all in one short sentence! Ouch.

There are enough people in the world who will happily beat you up emotionally (until you adjust your energy to repel them) without you being one of them.

Empowering alternative: Speak, think and visualize it as it you already have what you want. “I am so happy and grateful now that I easily donate unnecessary weight as I allow my confidence and self-love to unfold.”

Tip #4: Extra weight is emotional padding. It’s your subconscious mind protecting you from further hurt, fear, sadness, guilt, etc. You must determine what is causing the need for protection and release it by learning the lesson it represents (solving the problem that created it).

The padding is necessary until you do that. The reason most people lose weight and then gain it back is the emotional cause has not been addressed.

Empowering alternative: Tune in to your intuition and allow it to tell you what is bothering you. Gut feelings are survival instincts we were born with and their job is to keep us alive.

Whether that is alerting us to the danger up ahead on the freeway that causes us to take an earlier exit or the danger the toxic anger and resentment you’re holding onto is destroying your health. Pay attention.

Tip #5: The subconscious mind believes everything as if it is the truth (including negative self-talk or criticisms from other people that you accept). If you think you will gain weight by eating that ice cream, you will.

In other words, weight is much more about your subconscious mind than the food you eat or how often or seldom you work out. In fact, your subconscious mind is the commonly ignored autopilot that creates your life.

Your beliefs about which food makes you fat or you buying into today’s newfangled reason for weight gain literally creates your reality and has a great deal to do with the amount you weigh.

Empowering alternative: Learn how your subconscious mind works and use it to your advantage. It’s a powerful computer that needs a software update, a reboot, new security program to prevent spam from flooding your mind and a powerful virus scan to clear out the junk that keeps you stuck! 

Are we all shaped differently? Absolutely.

Does the heavy woman with the continuous smile and laughter have emotional wounds that keep her from being a healthier weight? Yes. Many women laugh and smile in an attempt to feel happy and who everyone they are positive while deep down they are in pain.

Do physical illnesses have to do with emotions too? YES. You have a great self-healing system already installed in your body. You just have to heal the inside first. I’ve done it. My clients do it.

Tip #6: If you focus on how much weight you want to lose, you’re guaranteed to keep it or gain it back. Now you know the subconscious mind sees in pictures. So the number you want to focus on is what you WANT to see on the scale or how you WANT to feel in your clothes.

Focus on the end result, not the thing you want to lose …because now you know where losing stuff gets you. If you want to lose 20 pounds, focus on what you will weigh after 20 pounds is donated.

Empowering alternative: I happily and easily weigh 135 pounds (while visualizing it on the scale or feeling comfortable in the size of clothes you want to wear).

If you would like to stop struggling and start living by clearing out the trapped emotions that keep you stuck and installing new, empowering software in your subconscious mind, Let’s talk. I can help.

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3 thoughts on “6 Ways Negative Self-Talk Sabotages Your Weight Loss”

  1. Hi,

    Kelly thanks for this article.

    We must train our brain that makes things which we want. It’s not so hard. The unusual thing must become routine, and for that we need just 30 days daily repeating the same task.

    1. Thank you for your comment Marko. Most people think new habits take 28 or 30 days but that is if you attempt to change a subconscious pattern only using the conscious mind. My clients go directly into the subconscious mind to change lifetime habits in about 7 minutes. 🙂 Check out some of the stories here:

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