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New Year’s Tradition Beats New Year’s Resolutions!

Dump expensive parties and booze for a new tradition that sets you up for success not a hangover.

Being single on New Year’s Eve inspires most women to seek company (even if it’s bad) to avoid being alone. The thought of beginning another year single is almost overwhelming and inspires despair, anxiety, desperation, fear and depression. Even if a less than desirable relationship ended during the year and you are better off for it, there is still a stigma to being single on New Year’s Eve.

A simple perspective shift and game plan can make your single New Year’s Eve the most clarifying and powerful of your life, if you are ready and willing to step away from what others think you should be doing on this special evening.

As a woman who hated sticking out like a sore thumb (and feel as though that describes most of my life), each year I stressed and sweated in the months leading up to New Year’s Eve to find something festive to do with fun people in order to fit in and avoid seeing myself as tragic.

I usually ended up at a party in uncomfortable shoes and a dress I couldn’t afford, with people I didn’t really like, feeling obligated to drink alcohol and encouraged to hook-up with some random guy to avoid waking up alone. I never drank too much or hooked up with anyone but the pressure was there and uncomfortable at best. Fitting in was not where I felt happy or strong.

Disclaimer: While I realize there are many great, fun and even healthy parties with good friends, family and or significant others, the situation I describe is all too common for single women who want to avoid being alone on the biggest party night of the year.

My awakening came one New Year’s Eve having moved to a new city and not making plans, instead deciding to review some of my journals. I’ve been journaling nightly since the age of 12 and I wanted to read how I felt emotionally at the beginning of each continue reading at YourTango.com.

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2 thoughts on “New Year’s Tradition Beats New Year’s Resolutions!”

  1. I really enjoy this tradition and look forward to it every year! It’s an eye-opener and really sets me up for a positive start to my New Year! This year, I was able to share it with my community of Positive Women and join them on a webinar to discuss how this playsheet inspired them.

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