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Positive Women Friendships: Love ‘Em Or Lose ‘Em

I am fortunate and very grateful to have cultivated some strong positive women friendships during the past several years.

Before that, I would think I had a really good friendship with a gal pal and would find out I either couldn’t depend on her (to be honest or be a shoulder to cry on, etc) or she wasn’t really who she portrayed herself to be. Have you ever had that happen? If so, you know how disappointing it is and how you wonder what you did wrong or what red flags you missed along the way. Another friendship crashed and burned.

If this sounds like your dating history too, there’s a good reason for that. No matter who’s involved, a relationship is a relationship whether romantic or gal pal and no one wants what seems to be a promising one of any kind to crash and burn.

After a while, you may become really adept at learning more quickly which friendships are keepers and which are catch-and-release, like boyfriends. Even with this talent refined, you wonder, “Where are the cool women who are fun to hang out with and don’t bitch all the time or look down their noses at other women because of their own insecurities?” I’ve asked myself that question more times than I want to recall.

3 Tips To Cultivating And Keeping Positive Women Friendships:

  1. Become the kind of friend you seek. If you stink at friendship because you dump your friends when you enter a relationship or bad mouth them behind their back you better upgrade yourself quick or you’ll never find quality friendships. You will instead attract friends who act like you do. Check into some personal growth (self improvement) books or programs.
  2. Be open to being happy single. That means single without quality gal pals just yet. The happiness raises your vibration to attract a high-frequency friendship. Give it time and feel that your true friends are on their way. Go out and do fun things and be your own best friend.
  3. Keep your positive women friendships a priority. Regardless of your relationship status, keep caring for your gal pals. Schedule time weekly to chat and stay caught up on each others’ lives. Be there if they need you to pick them up now and then. Positive women need far less maintenance than women who tend toward negative-mindedness and are not “needy.” Another reason they are great to lift you up when you need a boost and cheer you on when things are going well.

My quality female friends are cherished in my life and they know it and everyone else in my life knows it because I tell them. I’m very clear about who I am and I’ve learned that living on the outside who I am on the inside delivers a peace of mind few will unfortunately ever experience since going along with society’s expectations is so prevalent in today’s world. 

One of my most favorite experiences is assisting my PWRful Results Coaching clients to uncover who they truly are and what they truly want to begin living it! The metamorphosis that takes place is quick and powerful as are the positive women friendships they cultivate from moving through the process.

Let me know if you’ve started cultivating your positive women friendships yet in a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Positive Women Friendships: Love ‘Em Or Lose ‘Em”

  1. I find that the more work that I do on myself and the more that I help lift other women up…The stronger the relationship I bring into my life. Thank you for sharing your blog.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Lisa. I agree that is the way it works. It’s really fun when we can lift each other up so we can move ahead together with support and good friends. 🙂

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