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The Power Of Dreaming & Believing

As kids, we talk about what we dream about and believe in but like Santa and The Easter Bunny those two elements of life seem to go out the window as we move on to adulthood and what is socially acceptable – what we call realistic.

Well, I have news for you. Dreaming and believing are vital to living the life you want. In addition to keeping your spirits up, the positive energy these two add to your magnetic vibration is literally life-changing.

Remember that we are magnets. We attract what we radiate – it’s one of the laws the universe runs on – The Universal Law Of Vibration.

Attracting Positively

When we are in appreciation, love, happiness we vibrate at a much higher frequency than when we are angry, sad or depressed. That higher frequency attracts other people and situations that vibrate at the same high frequency.

Attracting Negatively

Likewise, when we are in a low frequency vibration we attract like energy and that explains why we have “one of those days” or talk about “bad things come in threes.” Unfortunately, our default vibration, as we pay our attention to society’s unrealistic expectations and the negative energy of illness, war and starvation in the world, is very low.

As you can imagine, keeping a positive outlook, gaining a healthy perspective of all situations and staying in gratitude as much as possible magnetizes high frequency people and situations to us. This is why much of the fun and play we experienced as children could help us prevent illness and emotional trauma simply by raising our usually low vibration a couple notches.

Adults Need To Play

We already know that playing as adults and relaxing and getting away from work improves our mental, emotional and physical health. With the explanation of why that happens, we can better understand why dreaming isn’t just for kids and why believing in our dreams is so important.

What do you dream of? I mean when you think about what you could have in your life without any concern of how to get it. Simply thinking about your ideal day. Where would you live? What would your health be like? What is the view from your home? How do you feel about your body? Who do you choose to share your life with? What do you do to feed your passion? Is it a career doing what you love or traveling the world without a schedule? Do you live in the mountains or by the beach or on a farm? What kinds of things do you think about?

Do you believe you can have the things you truly want? Do you believe in something bigger than you? Are you spiritual? Would you like to learn about meditation or yoga or personal growth of another kind?

When did dreaming become depressing because our adopted-from-negative-people view of reality got in the way?

Your Next Step

Take one or two minutes throughout your day to dream. Feel the feelings as if you’re living your dream. Soon, you will be able to drop in and out of your dream with feeling and this energy will begin the elements of your dream being magnetized to you so that it can be realized and move from dream to reality.

Share your opinion below and tell me if you have dreams you still believe can come true. Or if you’d like some guidance regaining this wonderful, positive, childlike skill of dreaming and making things happen in your life even if no one else believes they can.

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4 thoughts on “The Power Of Dreaming & Believing”

  1. Kelly, I’ve noticed that when I talk to coworkers about my dreams, they either laugh or think there’s something wrong with me. Sometimes, they say things like, “Oh yeah. Let’s play that game even though we know they won’t come true.”

    How sad for them. I love your positive spin that we can change our future and health simply by adding some high vibrational thoughts and feelings to our day. Thank you!

    1. Hi Francie! Thank you for your comment. I’ve noticed people in my life who thought I was crazy for dreaming either left my life or were really agree as they watched me make my dreams come true. It seems people would like to model someone who is doing what they want to do but many people are so fearful of not fitting in, they’d rather stay secluded in their misery than take a stand against popular opinion.

      This is why I coach women who understand they are capable of making changes and simply need some guidance and new methods to shift their lives.

      Keep on dreaming, Francie!

  2. Hi Kelly

    I Know how Francie felt when I told a friend that I was starting my own business, she laughed and laughed. When she founded out it was true her daughters and friends that worked for me were stealing data from the company and not working to complete assignments they were fully capable of completing. I had to fired them, which was a difficult decision, but a necessary one and the right decision to make.

    1. Arletha, I always appreciate how you triumph over adversity.

      That is a tough situation and it sounds like you handled it in the best way.

      Thank you for sharing your situation with us.

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