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4 Simple Steps To Maintain Your Well-being Amidst Chaos

With all the chaos going on in the world, you’re in good company if you are feeling angry, frustrated, fearful, anxious, sad or depressed and craving certainty about your health and loved ones and future.

You may have found that the foundation you thought was solid has crumbled. It could be your marriage, health, a long-term friendship or your community.

While mindset is a big part of mental health and well-being, it’s mostly about thinking and your well-being depends more on what’s wrapped around your thoughts than the thoughts themselves.

mindset definition

Let’s start with your superpower that you may not even know you have.

First, you need to know that everything is made of energy including the chair you might be sitting on, the relationships you’ve had, and if you can get the job or home you’ve been wanting. Energy creates things by joining with other energy vibrating on its same frequency.

We know our electronics use frequencies. Think of how you pair your Bluetooth devices, connect to wi-fi, find a radio station for the music you like or tune to the correct TV station to watch a show. You must have two things on the same frequency to make those work.

You have tremendous powerful energy within yourself that is created by your emotions (feelings). And therein lies your super power. What you feel at any given moment is magnetizing other energy on that same frequency to make something happen.

That means what’s wrapped around your mindset that is more important than the thoughts themselves are your feelings your thoughts bring up.

This is great If you are feeling positive emotions like love, passion, gratitude, happiness, joy, and enthusiasm. You automatically magnetize more on that same frequency.

But what if you tune into the news and see horrifying statistics or hear about riots and chaos, people who have lost their homes, incomes and businesses? The fear, anger, sadness, helplessness and uncertainty you feel are natural. But those emotions are powerful in a negative way and create more of what you don’t want when they combine with other energy on that same low frequency and grow.

If you find yourself feeling negative emotions, it isn’t your fault. You just need a better way to feel better and stay there. I know that may sound strange given what’s going on in the world. But when you create more positive in your own life, you are healthier, more resilient and literally boost your physical immunity. You become a beacon of possibility for others.

My 4 Step Formula To Maintain Your Well-being Amidst Chaos

Step 1: Inspect

Pay attention to how you are feeling either positive or negative. If you’re feeling neutral or blah, put that on the negative side because it isn’t helping you. Inspect the emotions you’re feeling right now and name them. Are you happy? Sad? Energized? Anxious? Are you depressed? Feeling appreciated?

Step 2: Connect

Why are you feeling that way? What were you doing that brought those feelings on? Are you depressed or anxious after watching the news? Do you feel happy and confident from playing with a child or your dog in the snow or sunshine? Connect your feelings to what caused them.

Step 3: Direct

Direct your energy toward what you want more of in your life. Want more happiness? Think of what makes you feel that way that you can do right now and do it. Want to feel more connected or significant? Call someone you care about or do something nice for a neighbor. Small things add up.

 Step 4: Protect

Keep your energy safe from negative influences. Be aware of what’s going on but do it quickly and then redirect your energy to what you want more of and imagine yourself in a beautiful bubble of love and protection where anything negative bounces off and stays away from you.

Maintaining your well-being amidst chaos is vital and it’s completely possible to bounce back even after feeling swallowed up or dragged down by all the negative energy floating around.

Remember, it takes practice and redirecting several times per day is completely normal. Be grateful you have a proven formula to feel better! My clients and I use this daily with great success. Each time your positive emotions will last a little bit longer and you’ll get better and better. So, give yourself a break and take the time you need. It’s self-care and you deserve it.

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