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I manifested my new car… then manifested it getting damaged!

Here’s a story of how powerful our emotional energy is and how I manifested both in a positive way and a negative way.

In 2013, I had a 1995 Toyota Camry with 295,000 miles on it that still ran well but I knew I needed to plan for a new car… that I didn’t have extra money for.


I’d been manifesting by accident both good and bad things my whole life but in 2013, I’d just learned how to do it intentionally (that’s the key!).

My dream car I was manifesting

Although others might have dreamt of fancy cars, like Ferraris, Maseratis, etc., that are common in my area, my dream car was a 2013 Hyundai Sonata. ?

I LOVED everything about it! The body style, the ridiculous number of airbags, how sleek it was to look at like it was going fast while sitting still. Everything about it felt perfect!


With my VERY intentional manifesting motor on the job, I KNEW without a doubt I would have that car. IT WAS MINE.

Accepting the manifestation you asked for is VITAL

About 3 months later I got a phone call from someone I knew who’d gotten a big settlement from an accident. They said, “I’m going to get a (named their new car). Would you like that Sonata?”

Ordinarily, I would have said something like, “Oh, thank you so much but that’s too big of gift. I could never accept it.” 

One of the rules of manifesting is that you must graciously accept what you wanted when it arrives or the Universe won’t pay any attention to you next time because it doesn’t think you’re serious.

So, I said, “YES! How generous! Thank you so much. I would LOVE that Sonata!”


The next day, there was $22,000 in my bank account and I went to order my car.

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I manifested feeling like Oprah!

A cool thing happened with selling my Camry.

Three people wanted it for what I was asking but I chose to give it to a needy family I knew. I felt like Oprah! ? It was the biggest gift I’d ever been able to give someone. And it felt GREAT!

A couple weeks later when my new car arrived, I fenagled a way to get USAA insurance for it (military hoops to jump through). I manifested saving $500 per year over what I had been paying!


I was thrilled!

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Uh oh… I negatively manifested by accident (pun intended)

And then…

Parking my car in my uncovered apartment parking lot started to worry me.

I checked on it all the time afraid it would have a scratch on it.

About a week of worrying went by when I went out to get in my perfect car only to find what looked like a gardener had dropped an iron rake on it and dragged it over the top, trunk and back! It was damaged through the paint and all the way down to the metal! DEEP scratches requiring serious body work.

I was very upset at who might have done this… for a few traumatic minutes.

That few minutes was all it took for my inner guidance to remind me how worried about scratches I’d been… for a solid WEEK. It was my own manifesting, my own energy that had caused the damage.

And guess how much the body work cost…

Yep! My $500 deductible. Just what I’d saved in insurance premiums that I literally couldn’t believe I was saving… SO I DIDN’T! I paid it anyway.

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