Gossip Kills Self Confidence In Women

Gossip is the idle talk or rumor about another person’s personal or private life and kills self confidence in women.

If your life has ever been the creation of others via gossip, you know how damaging it can be.

gossip kills confidence in women | Kelly Rudolph

When I looked up gossip on the internet, the list was riddled with celebrity gossip sites and stories.

I like to know how my favorite celebrities are doing and since they probably won’t be telling me themselves, the likely place to find out is from someone else.

However, is what they are saying true, damaging, just for their own ego or to share info to support and inspire?

That would depend on who’s talking, writing or reporting and their motives.

When it’s YOU talking, what do you say about others?

I know, as well as any other positive woman, how challenging it can be to stay out of conversations that are intriguing whether you know them to be true or not. And even more difficult but HUGELY profitable for your spiritual awakening to avoid them and the people talking altogether!

I titled this post “Gossip Kills Self Confidence In Women” because you can’t un-hear what you heard. You can’t turn back the clock.

Most women’s self esteem and self confidence (part of self esteem) is based on what others think of her and say about her.

That is why, as positive women, we know it is vital to develop ourselves spiritually and locate our inner power so that our strength is internal instead of external no longer relies on others’ opinions of us.

  1. How has gossip affected YOUR life?
  2. Do the women you have in your life gossip?
  3. Do you get involved?
  4. Have you been gossiped about?
  5. How does it feel to have people saying untrue things about you?

Real-Life Story: I saw a website once that was talking about my self-defense company and how I shouldn’t be teaching because I was a woman. There were some people standing up for me, which was appreciated because if I had responded, it would have given the gossiper attention he was seeking – fueled his fire.

I was hurt and scared and it was my martial arts Grand Master who told me if they were talking about me on that particular website, it meant I’d “made it.”

The women I currently have in my life are not gossipers. I deleted those. I focus on creating and nurturing relationships with positive women only.

I still find it challenging to stay out of a conversation to straighten out misconceptions but realize I would be getting involved if I joined in. Instead, I guide the conversation to something else or leave it completely.

How gossip has affected your life? Please leave me a comment and let me know.

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