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I Learned The Emotional Cause For Hot Flashes In 2013 And Haven’t Had One Since

I had been at home for six solid weeks. My closet was full of black clothes that didn’t show sweat. Other than a weekly grocery run at the least busy time, so the store was as vacant as possible, this normally very social person didn’t go out… anywhere.

Well, except once…

I was stir crazy and having my own business, a friend convinced me to attend a networking meeting, against my better judgement.

And that is where my worst fear came true.

During a face-to-face conversation with someone I’d just met, that all-too-familiar feeling started. My temperature increased in a volcanic feeling from my legs all the way up to my face and I knew what was next. I was mortified. We held eye-contact and I prayed she didn’t notice my hair getting wet and my face melting off.

But she must have noticed. I’m sure she could feel my embarrassment and choose to help preserve my dignity… what little I had left. Maybe she understood and did what she would want someone to do if it were her. Either way, I wasn’t going out again and I couldn’t live hiding at home any longer.

All my life I’d heard women talk about hormones and getting hot flashes at a certain age. I was sure that wouldn’t happen to me. No way! I wasn’t going to have any of it or sit around with women over 40 discussing doctors’ appointments and medications. I’d walked away from many such conversations.

Then… it happened to me and I didn’t know what to do.

Having never been a go to the doctor person or had any reason to take medication, I certainly wasn’t going to start now. And being an energy worker for decades, it seemed I should be able to figure this out. Clients healed their bodies regularly, but none had come to me with this issue. It’s like I was temporarily blinded to the solution I would suggest to someone else. Isn’t it weird how we do that? We have great advice until it’s us with the problem.

Finally, knowing the light at the end of the tunnel didn’t have to be a freight train, I delved into my subconscious mind. I learned that the emotional cause for 6 weeks of back-to-back, volcanic hot flashes was feeling “out of control of my body.” Having always taken care of myself and been healthy, this seemed foreign.

It was an eye-opener that I certainly didn’t want to see.

Most interesting was zooming back into a past generation where the emotion was passed down from. I had no idea the incident had happened and was grateful there was no need to feel any of it in order to release it and heal.

Since it was a family thing, I called my 95 year old grandfather to ask him about what I’d seen in my visualization. He confirmed the event and added details. Suddenly it all made sense.

The hot flashes instantly went from one after another (with maybe a few minutes in between) for SIX long weeks to just two per day!

I was immensely grateful! But there had to be something else I was missing. I’ve never believed our bodies have to have ailments and I still wasn’t going to take medication or hormone replacement therapy.

So, having done what I could do on my end, I prayed one enormous prayer and asked that the remaining hot flashes be healed.

That was May 21, 2013 and I haven’t had one since!

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