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Discovering My True Purpose Took 50 Years And Was Totally Worth The Wait

Growing up, I felt like a late bloomer. It seemed becoming an adult would catch me up with everyone else, but I often felt like I was behind the learning curve, power curve, dating curve, confidence curve or whatever curve was on the horizon. That probably wasn’t the case looking back, but it sure seemed that way on the inside.

For 30 years I held something inside that was exceptionally powerful. But I was afraid to say it out loud. Finally letting it out to take on a life of its own has been transformational for me and some of the most incredible women I’ve ever met.

In my twenties, someone did something for me that changed every minute of my life from that moment on.

I’d been one of the first female paramedics and had saved lives and delivered babies while still in my teens. Pretty life-changing stuff but it didn’t begin to compare to what I would learn in my quick recovery from a domestic violence relationship that included regular rape for over two years.

Most survivors struggle with the shame spiral. Which devastates your life and undermines your confidence. Some brave souls seek relief through therapy and support groups. Not me.

My intuition told me talking wouldn’t solve the problem.

I went to a shaman. He was an American Indian medicine man whose corny jokes brightened any mood you were in and who’s laugh could shake the building. Sometimes, he’d laugh so hard at his own jokes I thought he might keel over right in front of me but fortunately, that didn’t happen.

He took me into my subconscious mind and walked me through releasing the pain, fear, blame, shame, anger and all the other emotions wrapped around that two and a half years of abuse I hadn’t thought I’d survive. One hour later, we were done. I’ve never had issues or ill feelings about it since.

It wasn’t the absence of negative emotions or the surprise I didn’t have to re-live any painful experiences (as I’ve heard is customary in therapy) that blew me away. It was the knowledge that just below the surface of what we struggle with minute-to-minute, is where all the peace, healing, and answers are. They are right there at our fingertips!

It was nothing short of miraculous and I wondered why everyone wasn’t doing it. And then… I understood.

It wasn’t long after I told people about my quick fix that I got the stares, whispers, and criticism. It was as if we are all destined to suffer endlessly from something that happened in the past.

Since I still felt like the insecure, tall, skinny, redhead in school who never fit in and got picked last for teams (nothing compared to what kids deal with today, I know!), I just wanted to blend in and be part of the group.

So, I stopped telling people about the secret I knew. Of all the answers right there waiting for us in our subconscious mind. I tucked it away… except for occasionally helping friends, which would serve as credible success stories decades later.

Years went by. And when I continuously saw women making dangerous choices, I created a personal safety and self-defense company to help them prevent what had happened to me.

For 12 years, I was on a roll, a high, feeling like I fit in and knew something valuable people wanted. I published five books, and a DVD and taught thousands of men, women, teens, and kids how to avoid becoming victims, and effectively defend themselves if necessary.

Countless TV appearances sharing safety tips and hundreds of articles and speaking engagements later, the nagging feeling that I wasn’t teaching the real answer bubbled up inside.

While my outward techniques and psychological tricks were simple, quick, and effective, the real answer to true safety and rock-solid confidence that repels attackers was just beneath the surface, in the subconscious mind.

It’s the control center of our lives, constantly recording our every thought and feeling and creating our life around them… whether good or bad. Learning to use it to your advantage is taking charge of your life, success, health and happiness.

Learning how to connect, direct, and protect your subconscious energy is the key to a happy, healthy, success-filled life.

Kelly Rudolph

My way of releasing the emotional baggage that knocks us right into injury, illness, and situations we want to avoid, was still locked in the afraid-of-being-rejected folder in my mind. And I wasn’t ready to be criticized for sharing the crazy woo-woo thing now that I finally fit in and had something people wanted to learn from me.

Fast forward to my 50’s and thanks to encouragement from friends and frustration from watching people suffer needlessly, I stepped into my power and announced what I do.

I take women from stuck and stressed to clear and confident by replacing emotional baggage from the past with new empowering programs to support their happiness and success.

This includes ancestral baggage (including addiction) passed down through generations that snowballs over time gaining size and strength. It gets triggered daily (sometimes hourly) and causes the mental, emotional, and physical problems we struggle with.

I get to personally lead clients into their subconscious mind to quickly and painlessly preserve the lessons and release the baggage from the past. And we don’t need to unpack our problems or re-live painful memories.

As a late bloomer, I’ve created a masterpiece and now stand firmly in my power.

My clients have done what was previously unthinkable: healing 15 years of insomnia in two hours, healing a knee that hurt for two years and was headed for surgery in 20 minutes, releasing a lifetime of depression to feel happy again, looking up from suicidal thinking to enthusiasm for life, healing heart problems doctors couldn’t figure out, quickly recovering from PTSD, healing six weeks of back-to-back volcanic hot flashes in 2 hours, eliminating the need for medications, healing relationships, healing from trauma, energetically summoning much-needed help and watching it show up instantly while we are still on the phone, just to name a few.

And you know what? Doing this work has been more thrilling and fulfilling than delivering babies, saving lives, or teaching people how to outsmart attackers!

Whether you personally won right out of the gate, or took the windy road getting to know yourself and build confidence before stepping into your power and ultimate purpose, stick with it. Allow your path to unfold. You ROCK!

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