Managing Positive vs. Negative Energy In A Crowd

Managing positive vs negative energy in a crowd can be a challenge when those around you are not all coming from a positive place or there is stress involved in the event you are attending.

The energy you will come in contact with is either negative or positive. Sometimes you’re sitting next to someone and begin to feel tired or irritated. This energy isn’t necessarily yours to start with but it will quickly become yours as you absorb it!

If you do not manage your energy, you can feel tired, get sick, feel out of focus and out of control – all things you do not want to deal with when you are at an event! Be accountable for your energy.

6 Tips To Manage Your Energy:

1. Take breaks and nurture yourself
2. Drink lots of water (Drinking water inspires bio (potty) breaks, LOL)
3. Breathe deeply every few minutes or at least on your “bio breaks”
4. Trust your gut feelings about who to be near and who to avoid.
5. Recognize whose energy you are dealing with. Someone else’ energy becomes yours immediately.
6. Take a mental, emotional break from the chaos to be by yourself, to be quiet, and connect to your higher (spiritual) self

I find that I may be one of the few people at the week-long seminars I coach at who works out during mealtime and goes to bed as soon as I can to get enough sleep.

It is important to know what is best for you and avoid being swayed by peer pressure to stay out late, go out or anything else that may take you out of the routine that keeps your body healthy.

Seminars and business or personal growth events take you out of your regular routine, but your body depends on you to care for it just like you depend on your body to be there for you.

Take responsibility for taking care of yourself, whatever the circumstance.

I use my 15 minute breathing and squeezing workout that I can easily do AFTER I eat and feel great!

Here’s my article on how to create what you want in your life using your energy.

Leave a comment and share what YOU can do next time to manage positive vs negative energy in a crowd.

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2 thoughts on “Managing Positive vs. Negative Energy In A Crowd”

  1. At the last seminar I went to, I actually went to the pool and spa during lunch to revive and refresh myself. The one day we did not have a free lunch break, I was cranky!

    Other times I have felt pressured to go out after a long day when I had nothing left in my energy tank. I elected to go to bed instead and was probably considered a “party pooper”. But I knew for my health that I needed to go to bed!

    Thanks for writing about energy and how easily we can have ours change in the presence of others. We must take care of ourselves!

  2. Thank you, Lisa. Great idea, taking Me Time during lunch AND after a long day.

    I too may be considered a “party pooper” when I choose to get to bed at a reasonable time rather than going out at a seminar.

    When we’re paid attention to our bodies and know what serves us, we make better decisions and see the results quickly. You’ve probably seen the going out people get sick before the event was over, like I have, or watched them load up on coffee just to stay awake the next day.

    I don’t know if they can concentrate after being up much of the night but from what I know about the chemistry of the brain, I believe they are not retaining nearly as much as they could be and isn’t that why they took the seminar to begin with?

    Some people do attend just for the social fix and don’t care as much about the content or fool themselves into thinking they are getting more out of it than they actually are without proper sleep.

    Congrats on taking good care of yourself, Lisa!

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