Kelly Rudolph Oxycise story

15 Minute A Day Workout That’s Kept Me Slim And Healthy For Over 20 Years

Kelly’s 20 year Oxy-versary

April 11, 2019
Congratulations to Kelly Rudolph, the winner of the grand prize of our New Year challenge! Kelly is an Oxy-veteran, approaching 20 years of consistent Oxycise! As a successful life coach, she knows what it takes to be healthy and happy. You won’t want to miss her story:

I was 38 years old in 2000 when I ordered the Oxycise TV Series from a TV infomercial. Everything Jill said made so much sense, and I just knew it would positively impact my already good health.

It was an excruciating 2 weeks before my VHS tape arrived via snail mail but well worth the wait!

In the first 6 weeks, I lost 23 inches and 18 pounds! I wasn’t overweight at all so this was a complete surprise. I figured I couldn’t lose anything important simply by breathing and squeezing so I just went with it. 

The first place I felt a difference was the muscles on the front of my neck. Then people commented that my face had more shape. Other benefits I experienced were my arms, legs, buns, and abs tightened (different than gym machine tightness), I slept better, had more energy, PMS symptoms decreased dramatically, cellulite melted away, and my appetite decreased.

I go to the gym a few times per week and have since 1980 but I credit Oxycise with reshaping my body and keeping me healthy! It is as important to me as brushing and flossing. I do it every single day no matter what. Because of that, I rarely get a cold or flu or get injured but on the rare occasion that I do, I still Oxycise, which helps me heal much quicker than other people.

During time-crunches, I’ve Oxycised during a meal, right before bedtime, and at 3am after a late-night event.

The funny thing is that 9 years after I started O and even with my tremendous results, I realized two things:

1. I had accidentally been breathing wrong the entire time.

2. I was still using Level 1.

So, I ultimately collected the other levels and created my own mix-workout of my favorite positions for a full-body workout.

Every day, I breathe well, never need or take medications, and feel great.

I use 3-4 Oxy-breaths to warm me up in the winter instead of using the heater (saves on the electric bill!), to energize myself when I feel tired (saves on coffee), and to relax when I feel stressed (supports sanity). 

I recommend Oxycise to all of my life coaching clients and friends and family. It surprises me the percentage of people who choose to stay stuck, stressed, and unhealthy rather than investing 15 minutes per day to improve their lives. But they certainly don’t complain to me anymore because I’ll remind them of their choice! The people who do take advantage of Oxycise continue to thank me years later for introducing them to this life-changing and life-saving program.

Thank you, Oxycise. You totally ROCK!

— Kelly Rudolph, Certified Life Coach, San Diego, CA
Amazing results, Kelly! And we think YOU rock, too!

To order Oxycise, click HERE (affiliate link – I receive a small percentage for referring you but you won’t pay more)

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