Overwhelmed By Everything On Your Plate?

Overwhelm in women has reached epidemic proportions and if you are feeling overwhelmed by everything on your plate, please allow me to share some insights with you that have made me much less stressed and much more successful.

When women feel overwhelmed, our energy comes across as frantic, chaotic and draining to other people.

Overwhelm | Kelly RudolphWe don’t notice it and others may or may not notice it consciously. However, energy is what attracts or repels people and opportunities. Therefore, when your energy is chaotic or frantic like you’re in a hurry to get where you’re going (whether to school to pick up the kids or get that promotion you’ve worked hard for years for), others feel the energy and are repelled by it. It is usually unconscious on your part and theirs as well, which is why few women realize why we do everything right and don’t get what we want.

Have you ever had the experience of creating something so big and wonderful that you put you time, energy and heart into and just knew it was going to be perfect and everyone would love it and then nothing happened? No one came to the party. No one purchased the product you spent so many late nights creating to sell on your website. You didn’t get the job you were certain you were the best candidate for.

The answer most likely lies in the energy surrounding that event, product or situation. YOUR energy.

When you are overwhelmed by everything on your plate, you have to be very aware of staying healthy mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

7 Tips To Attract Instead Of Repel People And Opportunities:

  1. Be sure you are involved for the betterment of you as a person and others instead of trying to prove something or because of peer pressure.
  2. Get enough sleep and eat exceptionally healthy to take good care of your physical body during this time of heightened stress.
  3. Drink pure water instead of caffeine although it seems the opposite would be more beneficial.
  4. Write, journal, with your hand and a pen about how you feel and what your thoughts are, remembering thoughts create feelings, which create actions, which create your results.
  5. Connect to your spirituality daily whether it be God, Spirit, the Universe, etc. to keep you balanced and grounded and positive.
  6. Notice who is in your life currently and if they are supporting you or draining you and notice the impact, good or bad, they make on your thoughts and feelings.
  7. Take breaks as you will be more productive during your focused time on your project if you take time for breaks and care for YOU whether it’s reading a powerful book for 10 minutes or taking a quick power nap or chatting with a positive friend.

Overwhelm can take you out of the most important games you will play in your life: your relationships, career, parenting, business, family. Be very careful to take a break and absorb what has happened so far and determine the best way to proceed instead of just barreling through without a break and being disappointed at the lack of results. You are more important than that!

Have you noticed that taking care of yourself is very beneficial for your success? I’d love to have your feedback below…

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4 thoughts on “Overwhelmed By Everything On Your Plate?”

  1. You write a great post here – so very true when we are frantic and chaos is all around us we get very out of tune with ourselves.

    Living in the truth and breathing does help.

    In gratitude,

  2. I love your posts. They are great motivation! Even though you think that sometimes just getting done with all of your work right away will lead to relaxation, it is still always to to pile up. So I totally agree. Take a couple minutes to yourself during each and every day!
    Simple statements but always great for refreshers!

    1. Thank you, Anna! I appreciate having you here. It’s funny how many things that keep us mentally and emotionally healthy slip our minds. The quick reminders are sometimes powerful beyond words. 🙂

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