How To Succeed With Grace And Ease – Part 1

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Would you like to succeed with grace and ease instead of beating your head against a wall or clawing your way to the top?

As positive women, many of the traditional ways to succeed are out of alignment with who we are. We may get where we’re going but feel lousy about ourselves once there.

Good News: there are great ways to set yourself up for success that ARE in alignment with being a positive women and set an excellent example for others!

The Environment ALWAYS Wins!

This means although you may have willpower and intentions to achieve what you want, if the people around you or your physical environment (just 2 examples of environments) don’t support your efforts, you may never get there.

Let’s take a look at “your people.”

Who is your biggest authentic supporter? This is not the person who cheers you on because he or she is supposed to and underlying the cheering is envy or other toxicity. This is a heart-centered person who truly wants the best for you and feels better about themselves when YOU achieve!

Write your biggest supporters name down and jot down some feelings you have about them and about yourself when you are with them. These are the feelings you want to have with all of the people in your life. Is that possible? Very often, YES.

Now, who is someone who feels draining and disempowering to you? Write down this persons’ name and some feelings you have about yourself and him or her when you communicate. See the difference? Feel the difference???

Here’s the deal. Your feelings produce your thoughts, which produce your actions, which produce your results. Which of those two people create the feelings in you that will get you to your successful result gracefully and easily?

The positive energy of two people together expands to create much more energy than that of two individual positive people. In other words, it doesn’t “add,” it “multiplies!” It is powerful and that is why you feel so good and capable and excited about life when you are with others who are positive in their thoughts, desires and the way they play their life!

Positive energy expands, negative energy contracts. Everything is smaller and stifled in negative energy. It takes more positive energy to stay upbeat around negative people. You’ve felt that before so you know it’s true.

If you are seeking success in parenting, a relationship, blogging, a career or anything else, it is vital to have positive, supportive people around you. Otherwise, it’s better not to have anyone around you. I’m serious.

You WILL attract positive people to you by being positive in your thoughts, actions and intentions. It’s okay to wait for a new positive friend instead of hanging around negative people just to avoid being alone. You are much healthier alone and positive than with negative people. If your next intention is to succeed at being alone until you meet other positive people, that’s a spectacular intention and one worthy of devotion!

Now that you know how the energy of people around you can support or derail your success, we’ll discuss you physical environment and how to adjust it to assist you in your intention to succeed with grace and ease. That’s Part 2.

Right now, please share (in a comment) what you want to succeed at and who your biggest authentic supporter is.

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6 thoughts on “How To Succeed With Grace And Ease – Part 1”

  1. Wow! This makes so much sense. When I wrote down my supporter, I got all warm and fuzzy feeling and can’t wait to see her again! Yes, this energy is definitely better than some of the people at work.

    Kelly, what do I do if I have negative people around me that I can’t eliminate from my life?

    1. Thank you for your comment and great question, Francie!

      When you cannot eliminate the negative energy people in your life, it’s very important to:
      1) connect with your positive energy people as often as possible
      2) visualize positive energy surrounding and protecting you, like a force field repelling negative energy (this visualization is amazingly effective when practiced) and
      3) avoid discussing your intentions, dreams or anything you need positive input on with the negative people.

      Understanding how energy works, as we discussed in the blog post, is essential in how you respond or avoid responding to negative energy people.

  2. I’ve done this exercise. I’m not going to lie. It was extremely painful and a bit shocking to see the things I’d tolerated. I cried a lot too at all the realizations. But the beautiful thing about facing the painful stuff and acting to change it is the liberation and joy you reach on the other side. And it’s been positively incredible to watch as people who are supportive of the greater me I’m working to become “magically” showed up in my life.

    Thanks for sharing your insights, Kelly. Really powerful stuff here.

    1. Kirsten, thank you so much for sharing such a powerful, deep, inspiring message. I truly appreciate your experience and transformation. Congratulations on creating your team of supportive people who have your best interest at heart! 🙂

    2. Arletha Skinner

      Hi Kirsten,

      I understand and can empathize with you, when I was divorced from my husband, I had to make changes in my life and I had to be careful with whom I chose to let into my life. I did not see getting a divorce as failure, but a chance for a better life for my son and I. It seem that everyone in my environment was talking about my ex like he was god. I knew they wanted me to be depressed, so I decided to get some new friends. God does not want you to be unhappy and a good friend helped me by saying, “do not think about what you could have done or should have done get on with your life.” This was so freeing, just letting go and not beating myself up.

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