Own Your Life And Take Responsibility

Own Your Life - Take Responsibility | Kelly RudolphAnywhere you go, you can hear someone blaming someone else for their problems but as a Positive Women you get to own your life and take responsibility and THAT is the most honorable, powerful thing you will ever do!

“No price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning oneself.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

The above line was spoken by Academy Award Winning Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. in “Firelight,” his Hallmark, Hall of Fame movie about a Georgia correctional facility for young women. It was the most powerful statement by an actor who has always blown me away with the feeling and realism he puts into monologues in his powerful movies.

I got to see his movie in the Paramount Studio Theatre in Hollywood before seeing him in person at the taping of the Dr. Phil Show. The movie has a powerful message about taking responsibility and owning your life. The live audience laughed, cried, reflected on their own lives and I think everyone was very touched by this story based on truth.

Enough about Cuba, WE ARE POSITIVE WOMEN!

When we take responsibility for the good, the bad and everything in between, we find our Inner Power – what Positive Women are all about!

Knowing that we create everything in our lives by our thoughts, feelings and actions (whether we recognize it at the time or not), we can trace situations and everything in our lives back to ourselves. I realize most people won’t accept responsibility for everything in their life but I’ve learned to do this, no matter how painful it can be and the women I coach are fully aware that they will also.

“Take responsibility for your life. It’s the ONLY thing you CAN take responsibility for.” ~ Kelly Rudolph

If you think someone else is responsible for your results, you are a victim and victims never win.

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To watch the YouTube video I made on this topic, click Own Your Life, Improve Your Life – Positive Women Take Responsibility.

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2 thoughts on “Own Your Life And Take Responsibility”

  1. I saw that you’d attended the Dr. Phil Show and highly suggested this movie so I watched it Sunday night. It was great, like you said!

    Taking responsibility for EVERYTHING in my life seems extreme. There are some creepy people I’ve known. How can I be responsible for them?

    Looking forward to your answer. Thank you. 🙂

    1. Hi Lila,
      Although we’d like to pawn off the responsibility of creepy energy people on someone or something else, the fact remains that the laws of the Universe bring to us what we create and ONLY what we create.

      Learning from my life, the creepy energy people I’ve known have been mirrors for me to see in a new way, work through something I struggled with or “good teachers” for me to learn from. Although I avoid this type of person because they are draining and out of alignment with who I am and where I’m headed, if I don’t learn from them, another one will enter my life.

      One of the things I most coach women on is determining why certain people are in their lives and how the woman created them to be there based on her thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs. It’s highly PWRful and the energy can be cleared and the emotions that created it healed immediately.

      So even the creepiness we come in contact with was brought on by us. We have to notice it, take responsibility for being brilliant in creating our own method of learning and awakening. This is where we find our inner power!

      Thank you, Lila, for bringing up this question. I hope this answer clarifies. 🙂

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