Positive Women Create vs Compete For What’s Already Here

create instead of compete | Positive Women BlogRelationships can turn competitive, coworkers are often competitive and business people manifest stress and illness with competition but Positive Women CREATE instead of competing for what’s already here.

Everything that is already here was created with thoughts, feelings and actions. Someone first thought of every product in your house, office and your vehicle. We are no different that those people who first created those things. We have the same creative gifts they have; we were born with them.

As Bob Proctor, Michael Beckwith and Jack Canfield teach in The Science Of Getting Rich (rich in all areas of life, not just financial), we were born with creative abilities but  never taught how to use them.

As positive women, we want to create abundance in our lives, right? We must focus on what we want and begin it’s creation instead of falling into scarcity mindset and competing for what we want as if there isn’t enough for everyone.

To get what we want, we don’t take it from someone else or that comes back to get us later. We focus on the abundance that is already created plus more to be created as we need it.

This may sound a bit esoteric but it is how the laws of the Universe work. Our creator set them up to keep things running smoothly and they work constantly, whether we believe it or not.

My choice has been to learn, from the teachers listed above, how I can use the laws of the Universe (law of attraction is only one of many) to become the person I want to be; get what I want to have; and create a coaching program whereby I show other positive women how to do the same.

We can all use these laws to our advantage instead of fighting them by competing. Creating what we want is easier and better for all those involved.

We must slow down and think and feel what we want to create because the minute we hurry, we are jolted out of creativity and back into competition – a limiting belief of lack and discomfort.

Positive women create vs compete for what’s already here that someone else created.

This can be a controversial topic with differing beliefs and views and I would love your thoughts in the comment area. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Positive Women Create vs Compete For What’s Already Here”

  1. You’re right, this feels controversial since we’re taught to fight our way to the top in business and we aim for someone else’s job in the corporate world.

    How does creation work in those situations?

    1. Good question, Bryn! This is where the confusion plays a big part in people shying away from thinking they can create new jobs and work alongside someone already there but it is possible. Just think if you focus on how it feels, smells, tastes, sounds to be working at your ideal career, job or business with cooperation from those already in that position or supporting it. The best part about the laws of the Universe is that we don’t have to worry about or figure out the “how.” We just have to fully focus on what we want with clear belief.

      While it is true that you must look at your competition when growing a business to know you are going in the right direction and there are actually people who want what you have, you can create co-opetition, which means you team up with them (if they are positive) and help even more people. Together We Achieve More is what TEAM stands for and the power of a positive team is unstoppable just a community of positive women is PWRful beyond measure.

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