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positive women communityThere is a lot to be said for the power of positive women communities! Women are much more powerful than they think, even on their best self-esteem day and the truth is, there is nothing more powerful than a community of positive women. Positive women support one another and see each success of another woman as fuel for their own. Negative women see the success of other women as competition or another opportunity to compare themselves, which always makes them the loser because that’s how comparing yourself to others works.

The community founder is important. Some online communities that proclaim positivity are run by negative individuals. These women or men have decided “positive” sells but are neither authentic or transparent, which is a trait of genuinely positive people. A community of positive women inspired by the passion of a positive woman with the intention of helping others discover the happiness, peace of mind and all-around health of being positive minded is the best option.

Energy is what determines a group’s success or failure so choose one that feels positive and supportive to you. Your gut feeling will lead you the right way.

It doesn’t take long to determine which kind of community you are looking at to join. The women in an authentic positive group are talking about positive things and sharing great stories and solutions to life’s challenges. The women in one of the other groups are talking about other people and problems. Yes, positive women have challenges but they address and manage them differently.

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