Positive Women Create Their Own Flow THEN Go With It

When women give up on all of the positive affirmations that don’t get them anywhere and the self-help seminars and online programs become a waste of money and valuable time, they say, “just go with the flow.”

It is logical to go with the flow and stop fighting the current instead of forcing things that aren’t supposed to be and having a miserable life. Whose flow are you going with?

When you learn to use the creative power you were given when you came into this world (but were never taught how to use), you can create your own “flow” and go then go with it!

To be a positive woman, think about your current situations and determine if you are living in what other people created (situations, relationships, beliefs), or what you have created.

Taking a good look not only shows you if you may have fallen into a rut and need to get out but also calls your attention to things you may not want to repeat and some you do. It’s a great way to evaluate where you are, which leads to who you are being and if that is who you want to be or who you have defaulted into being.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you learned about the flow in your life…

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