Positive Women – Take Responsibility For The Energy You Bring Into This Space

Part of being a positive woman is taking responsibility; for your actions, words and the energy you bring into this space or any other. Have you ever been somewhere and all of a sudden someone walks in and the energy shifts to either negative or much more positive and fun?

What do you want people to feel when YOU walk into a room?

If a woman is glossing over anger and fear and frustrations from the day, she can put on a happy face but the people in the room will still get her negative energy. The space will be filled with the exact thing she’d like to dismiss, avoid, leave behind or sweep under the rug.

Everything is energy and women feel energy much more than men do. We are tuned into energy because we need to read it in order to protect our children but at what point do we stop paying attention? At what point do we begin to choose toxic friends just because they are other single women or stay in a poisonous job just because we’re making good money?

At what point do you take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space? This space being wherever you are. This space being wherever I meet you, even over the phone. Have you ever felt negative, toxic energy from someone over the phone? Of course you have. Do you allow that energy to stick to you and then you feel down or complain to someone else about the person who just called and pollute their lives with the poison too?

Positive women take responsibility for the energy they bring into this space… THEIR SPACE, wherever that may be.

I have a goal of leaving every communication with the other person feeling better having spoken with me, whether it is a customer service line, the grocery store line or a client call. What is YOUR goal for every communication? Leave it in a comment.

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