Too Much Work – Not Enough PLAY

Would you rather work or play?

We have been programmed to “work” at everything: school homework, office-work, housework. We even work at our personal relationships! No wonder we’re depressed, anxious and dread our future in many cases. We are setting ourselves up to fail and that’s gotta STOP now!

Play!As positive women, we are uniquely qualified to influence and be good examples in learning to play at life and look forward to things we used to dread just by adjusting our language, which will adjust our perspective quickly.

3 Questions I Have For You:

  1. What if you could make your job more fun?
  2. What if you could make your relationship fun, like a game? (No, not mind games!)
  3. What if sitting in traffic could be a game and fun instead of frustrating and time-wasting?

How would you feel? (Okay, so I have 4 questions for you. LOL)

It’s not that far-fetched. I coach people every day on how to do this very thing and you will be amazed at the results! Positive, successful, enthusiastic people emerge from what were often times overwhelmed, angry, unfocused people.

3 Tips To Make Life More FUN:

  1. Play “Beat the Clock” with something you have to do. You’ll be racing the clock and your focus will be on winning and learning how fast you can do the task.
  2. Measure the results of the actions you take instead of just checking them off of a to-do list. If you are “playing” with a project at work, how did you feel when it was completed? Did you gain confidence or get compliments? Did you compliment yourself?
  3. Count how many times the person you wouldn’t choose as your best friend annoys you throughout the day and laugh each time! This one is really fun and empowers you to avoid being controlled by them. Remember, “He or she who angers (or annoys) you controls you.”

Adding the spirit of play into your life is one of the things I coach on in the PWRful Results coaching program. I’m excited to share it with you because I’ve seen tremendous, empowering personal growth in the clients I coach.

Leave a comment and tell me where can you add the spirit of play to your life?

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