When Is It Time To Tell A Friend To Stop The Drama?

Most positive women who frequent this site are currently or have already reduced their drama-ridden “friends” drastically because they know how toxic they are. Sometimes, however, you have a positive friend who is struggling with something and it turns into drama even if she is far from being a drama queen.

So, when do you tell her to knock it off?

After you:

  1. listen to the challenge she is facing
  2. ask if you can offer feedback
  3. give the possible solutions you come up with
  4. listen to her response to the possible solutions
  5. allow her to process for a day or two
  6. listen again to her progress

THEN, if she’s turning it into more than it needs to be, you tell her that you love her and that this situation has turned into drama. Being a positive woman, this will alert her to something she is falling into that she doesn’t like in others and she will take notice and change her tune. She will likely take care of the situation immediately or practice a release technique so it doesn’t bother her anymore.

“We all need a kick in the butt now and then and that’s what we need our good, trusted girlfriends for.” ~ Kelly Rudolph

For other women who are obvious drama queens, just move away from them and keep yourself healthy and safe from their toxicity. Not too many of them are interested in changing. Drama queens get their power fix by drawing atttention and being noticed. They usually don’t recognize the negative form of the attention they are getting and that no one really wants to be around them. They are on their journey just like positive women are but we rarely collide with them because our paths are far apart.

Leave a comment to share when your good friend stepped in to help move you out of drama…

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