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Why Women Over 50 Need Quality Female Friendships

Women need supportive friends at all ages – even and perhaps especially over 50!

As we age, we hear a lot about physical ailments, retirement, empty-nests or grown kids moving back home. We hear about losing our memory, menopause and the dismal statistics on finding love after 50. I think we could use a new perspective, don’t you?

One of the things I’ve truly enjoyed and found to be even more powerful after I turned the big five-O is the fun I have with my positive gal pals. Notice I said positive — that is the key to feeling exuberant and happy with your friends. Just like you, I’m not interested in commiserating about declining health or the men my age seeking twenty-somethings in an attempt to reverse their ego erosion. I want quality conversations, fun adventures and a group of positive female friends. The quality men come around once we are comfortable with ourselves as happy women who are fun to be with at any age.

What I’ve noticed is that my health is soaring and I feel good every day because I take care of myself. If something about me is going south, instead of looking into and cursing the mirror, I look to my female friendships for support and enthusiasm to repair, release, or adjust my perspective about whatever needs a boost (including my butt, which I’ll get to later).

Now, I know society has us believing that we’re on the dying side of the hill and nothing is left of us but out-of-whack hormones and saggy skin. But it’s our choice to buy into their drudgery or not, and I beg to differ with their depressing, sadistic view of my age and dismal fate. Are you with me? I healed my hormones with emotional release techniques I use in one my life coaching programs and no longer have hot flashes (personal summers). I only had them for six weeks and I knew what I heard about them was certainly not for me to buy into. It is possible to regenerate rather than degenerate, and I think 50+ is the perfect age to do it.

How To Develop New Positive Female Friendships

My best girlfriends are women I keep in touch with regularly, oftentimes daily, and I’ve never even met one of them in person. Sound weird? Let me explain. Continue reading at YourTango.

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