Think it through before saying Yes

You Had A Nervous Breakdown. Now What? 4 Steps To Take To Heal

You have to understand that you don’t have to say, “Yes” to everything.

Nervous breakdowns are the body’s way of saying, “Enough!” and taking a break to heal. They are nothing to be ashamed of and many more people experience them than seek treatment for them.

There are several factors that can play into having a nervous breakdown and practical solutions are simpler than you may think. Taking on too much. Pretty much all of us could say, “Welcome to my world,” about this one, right? We take on more than we can handle for a number of reasons, some of which are: to stay in good standing at work or in the family; because we truly think we are a super hero with unlimited time and energy; because our personality style caters to people-pleasing; we are prone to self-sacrifice; we fear saying, “No;” or we misunderstand how large the task really is. But not everything requires YOUR attention and efforts. Below are three questions to ask yourself before you say “yes.”

  1. Do I have the time and energy to do this? If this task or project is going to interfere with your mental, emotional or physical health, determine if it is something that could gently be offered to someone else. If it’s helpful to you and/or others, and you don’t currently have the time or energy, can you adjust something else to make it work? If the answer is no, respectfully say you would love to help out but it’s not a good fit for you right now or that you don’t have the brain-space to take it on at this time.
  2. Is this someone else’ responsibility? Who does this have to do with and are they doing their part already and simply need assistance or continue reading at YourTango.

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