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stand your ground, Kelly Rudolph

How To Spot A Seriously Toxic Friend (And Take Back Control Of Your Life)

Release toxic frenemies (and love yourself better!) I believe healthy female friendships are the best relationships for self-development, building self-esteem and confidence — and a great practice field for improving our communication skills for all relationships in love and life. However, when the relationship is toxic, all of those benefits can quickly reverse, leaving us questioning everything we thought we were […]

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4 Ways To Turn A Crushing Breakup Into The Greatest Opportunity Of Your Life

No one likes going through a breakup, even if it’s for the best. It hurts. It can cause self-doubt even if you know you did the best you could and are worthy of a great relationship. Anger can easily arise because you’d put your heart on the line and focused time and attention on someone […]

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Trust gut feelings above all else, Kelly Rudolph

Feeling Disrespected? Know When To Walk Away… Literally [VIDEO]

True friends respect your boundaries. It can hurt when someone doesn’t like you. Logically, you know you can’t please everyone — although you’ve probably tried and failed like the rest of us. If so, welcome to the party! Personal boundaries based on your values are the best way to determine who you want in your life and who […]

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Holiday Confidence, Kelly Rudolph

Holiday Confidence – 3 Tips To Boost Yours

“The holidays are filled with emotions like; fear, happiness, worry, regret,  gratitude, sorrow, joy, and depression… and protecting your holiday confidence is key! Holidays bunched up together, along with the milestones of ending one year and beginning a new one are emotional. While some people have fun-filled, loving, fantastic holidays with family and friends that […]

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3 Sad Realities Only Truly Confident Women Understand

Being true to yourself takes courage! You probably think there are only benefits to rocking your self-confidence. But the truth is, there are also a few hidden dangers that actually keep most people from fully achieving this much sought-after trait. Change always includes uncertainty … and that uncertainty often feels more intimidating than staying stuck, […]

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