Are You Consciously Choosing Relationships Or Carelessly Falling Into Them?

I like a friend’s definition of a relationship.

A relationship is an agreement to share your future with another human being.

Does this make you think differently about your girlfriends, guy friends, dating prospects and coworker/friends?

If someone told you the people you choose (choose being the key word here) to have in your life will influence your future to a great degree, would your selection process be more stringent?

I find that although tolerant of other people and their individual paths, the people I choose to have close to me are those who in some way are heading in the same direction as I am. They are not holding me back nor do I hold them back. In the past, that was the situation as I didn’t live to be my best around some people because when I did, they felt worse about themselves. I took on that responsibility that didn’t belong to me and walked on eggshells around them.

I learned that someone else’s low self-esteem could play a role in diminishing my own, if I let it.

Do you have those people in your life too? Sometimes they are very close relatives.

Think about the people in your life who are closest to you right now and consciously decide if you still agree to share your future with them.

Agreements may be:

  • kept
  • renegotiated
  • or broken

The choice is yours.

The reward is always being able to be the best person you can be without anyone holding you back!

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