Positive Woman, Where’s Your Blind Spot? What Are You Not Seeing?

Blind Spot Mirror | Positive Women Rock
A man (my dad) at a drive up ATM only visible in my Blind Spot Mirror

We’ve all driven a vehicle and all of a sudden something is there that we didn’t see because it was in our blind spot, right?

  1. Maybe we changed lanes and almost hit someone we didn’t know was there.
  2. Maybe we were backing out and nearly hit a child or another vehicle.

Do you have blind spot mirrors on your vehicle, like I do, to keep you from making BIG mistakes due to lack of vision?

In life, relationships and business, we all have blind spots so we all need someone to point them out to avoid getting “blind sided.”

As a Coach, pointing out blind spots is one of my responsibilities. I am your mirror to show you what you may be missing. We cannot see ourselves clearly and certainly not the way others do yet this feedback is vital to learn how our words and actions really come across.

Is It Time For A Break?

As your coach, I may suggest that you need to take a break. If you are sick and out of sorts, the words you say out of frustration or from feeling bad can negatively affect relationships you’ve invested months or years building. Just as being unprepared for a speech can destroy credibility you’ve taken years to create. Your blind spot may be that you are not taking enough time to keep yourself healthy, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually and this will affect everything in your life!

Maybe you are running your business in a certain way or using language clearly understandable to you but your target market doesn’t understand exactly what you do or feel they you are talking over their heads. Who, besides your coach, is going to point that out to you so that you can learn and grow and adjust your direction?

Who points out YOUR blind spots? Leave me a comment and share this with those you care about…

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6 thoughts on “Positive Woman, Where’s Your Blind Spot? What Are You Not Seeing?”

  1. Important to have someone call you on your blind spots that you trust. I’m grateful for my accountability partner for this. Coming from the wrong person, it can seem like criticism.

    1. I agree, Tiana. I find that as a coach, this is much easier for my client to take constructively. It’s easy to take it out of context if it isn’t the right person telling you, someone you can be vulnerable with comfortably.

  2. You are looking in mirror and see the negative and that your inner thoughts has the postive and now you need to find a way to shine.

    1. Absolutely, Gail. That’s a good awareness to move forward with. Shining is letting your inner power show through, especially as a woman because we have a LOT of inner power we just have to locate it!

  3. Arletha Skinner

    Hi Kelly,

    I agree that we do not always see where our blind spots are. I was feeling frustrated because I was receiving negative feedback from certain people and a person told me that it wasn’t that I was passive it was that my kindness was being perceived as weakness. When I said no and meant it, even my family members get mad when they can not make me do what they want. Now, I decided to think before I help someone because I might be enabling not helping.


    1. Wow! That’s a huge awareness, Arletha. And the person who caught your blind spot was so helpful. Congratulations on establishing and enforcing healthy personal boundaries. Your wise words will help many people. Thank you for sharing your story. You are always an inspiration. 🙂

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