Do People Tap Into Your Energy Or Drain Your Energy?

Energy Draining | Kelly RudolphThere is a HUGE difference between people who tap into your energy and people who drain your energy.

It is important not only to know the difference but feel the difference if you are to become and remain a positive woman.

Real-life story:

When I was 18 and working on an ambulance as an EMT going through Paramedic School, one of the senior Paramedics always wanted to partner with me for the night shift so he could “tap into my energy.”

Being around him was never draining as my energy sparked his and we both fed off of each others’ energy. We laughed and ran more calls in our 12 hours together than other crews did in twenty four! We were fresh, happy and having a blast and THAT is what happens when someone “taps into your energy.” 🙂

There were other partners (we had two partners per day working 24 hour shifts) I worked with and just keeping awake was a struggle because their energy was low unless they “were going mach three with their hair on fire” to quote a favorite line from Top Gun.

They ZAPPED me of my energy and they seemed to have more energy themselves but still not as much as a regular, healthy, happy person. It was a chore to work with them and wasn’t something I looked forward to. 🙁

Positives of someone tapping into your energy:

  1. sparks their own energy to increase
  2. their increased energy sparks yours to increase
  3. clarity of thought
  4. ability to focus

Negatives of someone draining your energy:

  1. reduces your energy
  2. your low energy prevents you from handling stress in a healthy way
  3. foggy thoughts
  4. lack of focus

Can you see how big of issue this is in the Paramedic world?
What about the corporate or entrepreneurial worlds?

Living or working around people who drain your energy sets you up for failure. 

As women, it is a work in progress to overcome the limiting beliefs we have in order to thrive and prosper and we can do it. As positive women we MUST protect our energy!

My question for you is…

Do you have more people in your life who tap into your energy, like your best, positive girlfriend, or more people in your life who drain your energy, setting you up for failure?

Please share your thoughts in a comment. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Do People Tap Into Your Energy Or Drain Your Energy?”

  1. Hi Kelly,
    I have friends who are always upbeat when we get together. Does that mean they are tapping into my energy or that it is their energy I am seeing and feeling?

    They are certainly much more fun to be around than the depressed people I know. After leaving them, I feel like I need a shower!


    1. Tiana, if they are usually energetic, not tapping necessary however it may happen automagically increasing both of your energy. I’m glad you have friends like that. They sound like positive women! Those kinds of friends are the ones you are excited to schedule your next get together with. 🙂

      Thank you for joining the conversation, Tiana.

    2. Hello, KELLY

      I believe what you were experiencing is their energy was bumping into yours, it was love energy until something came around you made you feel dirty.


      Sister O.

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