Emotional Trigger for Every Physical Illness

If you are on a personal growth or spiritual path and have yet to learn about the concept of there being an emotional trigger for every physical ailment, you are in for an eye-opening ride that can change your life and tremendously speed up your transformation!

Woah, Kitty!

Although metaphysical has been seen by many as “out there,”  the definition of metaphysical is to go beyond the physical to the mental cause behind it. That’s it. Pure and simple!

So, why do so many people think it’s mumbo-jumbo? To answer this we must consider the source. People who want to blame society, their parents or someone else for the way their life has evolved are unwilling to take responsibility for their own situation and so they criticize that which would hand them responsibility. What they don’t realize is that it would also give them power to create their life and destiny intentionally.

When you acknowledge that there is an emotional trigger for every physical ailment, you will be set free to understand and heal your life to become and remain physically healthy. For example, the bad cold I had was not from a germ at the grocery store, it was a physical representation of me having mental confusion and too much on my plate.

Did I take days off and take drugs? No. I clarified what was on my plate, what I could do to simplify and I worked all day, every day to transform clutter into order and my cold went away quickly. A few days later, I have some congestion in my throat and chest which represents me needing to speak to someone to get something off my chest. I know exactly what and who it is and when that is done the congestion will clear.

The reason I share this with you is because this knowledge has made such a dramatic improvement in my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual being and it may help you just as much.

Click here to read my article on how to harness the power of vibration (A Universal Law) to  create great health and anything else you want in your life.

One of my favorite books is “Heal Your Body A-Z” by Louise L. Hay. Check it out. It is a directory of physical ailments (illnesses) and the emotional triggers that cause them so you can heal yourself. The understanding is the most incredible part and basically, it’s true whether you believe it or not.

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8 thoughts on “Emotional Trigger for Every Physical Illness”

  1. I absolutely agree with this, Kelly! A lot of what you talk about brings to mind the chakra system that I’ve been studying recently.

    I’ve had migraines at three different points in my life. All three times I was in personal or professional situations that were not good for me, and once I got out of each of those situations, the migraines “miraculously” disappared.

    It’s all about taking personal responsibility for things in your life.



  2. Yes, Lori. My good friend told me what my cough was about the other day when we were on the phone and it made total sense.

    It’s such a relief and peace of mind to understand, even if you are unable to take care of it at that exact moment.

    I’m so glad your migraines disappeared or rather that you understood how to cure them. What if everyone knew this stuff and kids were taught this and empowered at a young age? ?

  3. I agree 100%. I believe my sensory and balance issues are related to ME allowing my feelings to be denied for so many years. Even now, it feels hard to recognize and to take responsibility for it. I have a vivid memory of an uncle going off to Viet Nam. It was painful. My very tender, intuitive side was wailing as I was told, “Don’t cry! You’ll make your grandmother feel bad.”

    Even then,back over 40 years ago, I KNEW there was something terribly wrong with that line of thinking, or lack of thinking! Either way, I allowed it and it became a pattern. After 30+ years, it just had a massive effect and today, while I understand it completely, I am working on allowing myself my FEELINGS and coming back into balance.

    When I do, hang on! I’m going to be even MORE unstoppable. ; )


    PS I LOVE teaching this to my kids!!

    1. Thank you, Gina! A couple days ago I was on a friend’s parenting TeleSeminar and heard her talk about the impact of comparing your kids to one another. My dad, who is 72 recalls vividly that when he was little and his mother was asked if he was the athlete, she said, “NO, this is the other one.” The things we are told when we are little have everything to do with our adult lives. ALL parents and teachers, etc. need to know this stuff!

  4. There were several times throughout my life where the emotional trauma, which caused low self worth as a child, became my nemesis in the form of physical ailments. Once I realized the impact of releasing those who, whether intentional or not, hurt me and chose to create forgiveness toward them, my life became a much happier, healthier one. It was truly eye opening and I do it to this day whenever I experience hurt of any kind.

    I think most people miss the fact that when you can forgive someone it doesn’t release them from the responsibility of the act, but it frees you from the chain that had you tied to that person alone. Freedom comes through making that choice and so does better physical health.

    Thank you Kelly for being bold enough to share your heart in your work.

    1. Thank you, Kel. I heard a boy, who watched his sister get shot to death at Columbine, say, “Forgiveness is setting someone free and then realizing that someone is YOU.” Wise beyond his years and beyond many of our years as well!

  5. Arletha Skinner

    Hi Kelly,
    I agree that our past experiences shape our future perceptions and overall health. I was burned when I was small and hospitalized spending months in the hospital. My father promised to visit me every Sunday but he never came. I was a placed in an oxygen tent and when I woke up I thought I was going to suffocate but they would not let me out. When my father finally came and picked me up, I was angry because they forgot about me, leaving me to survive on my own. Afterward, every time I had a different opinion they said you are just like your mother – crazy. I had learned to depend on myself when I was in the hospital.

    I was molested when I was a child by an older boy, I was able to physically fight back but I couldn’t comprehend why would anyone do this to a child. Also, I was beaten by a teacher who could not handle the pressures of teaching.

    I decided to study Mental Health because I wanted to understand what made people do the things they did. I learned that our families have mental issues themselves and project them onto other family members. Also, I learned that the physical abuse didn’t have anything to do with me; it was the other persons’ issues.

    There is a strong connection between illnesses and our emotions and they are rooted in our childhood experiences. Its recommended when you are in the Mental Health fields that you go to therapy to work on your own issues. In therapy I learned that as a result of my mother leaving my family, they transferred their anger and resentment onto me because I was the one left behind. Now, I have to catch myself when someone starts projecting their anger my way because you can not make anyone feel or act a certain way. It’s their personal choice to choose to be angry or hurt. Also, its easier to cop-out for many people than to take responsibility for their own life because then they will have to make some changes.

    Ultimately, I learned its all about the choices and decisions I make about obtaining joy, happiness, and fulfillment in life and career.

    1. Thank you for sharing your personal stories and triumphs with us, Arletha. You have much to draw on for your personal growth since you have had situations in your life many have not. I wish you hadn’t but you are an excellent example (again, LOL) of triumph and many people will relate to you and learn from your examples. Thank you for your authenticity and openness to share with other Positive Women.

      I think you are right in that our lives work out the way they do based on our choices and decisions about what we want to obtain like Joy, happiness and fulfillment in life and career. Most people simply let their lives happen and complain about them rather than standing up for themselves and making choices, like you do, about what they will accept and what will need to change.

      Thanks again, my friend.

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