Planet Dragonfly Affiliate Products

Check out these items to help YOU make money with the Planet Dragonfly/Positive Women Rock Affiliate Program! I always have comments and questions about my PWR clothing and items, which begins a conversation about the amazingness available to women at the site. When YOU give your link to people who ask and they become Positive Women Rock members, YOU get paid! You can order these items and several more HERE. If you would like either logo on a different product, just let me know and I’ll create it for you! After all, Planet Dragonfly is all about creating what we want, RIGHT? 😉

The PWR Affiliate Program is HERE. Be sure you are in the PWR email community to get updates!
Planet Dragonfly mug - front Planet Dragonfly mug
Positive Women Rock tote bag Positive Women Rock | Planet Dragonfly tote bag

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2 thoughts on “Planet Dragonfly Affiliate Products”

    1. Hey Meredith,
      I agree! I wear baseball caps all summer and on bad hair days. LOL
      Looking forward to seeing a picture of you in yours.

      Just got my shipping email so mine should be arriving any day now!

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