Women Stress Over Their Futures: A Powerful Way To Take Control Of Your Future

Women stress over so many things on their plate that stress is an epidemic creating anger, anxiety, panic attacks and depression. We attempt to be everything, do everything and get everything we were promised as little girls.

Would you like to know what stress really is?

Stress is the fear, sadness and anger that arise when our future is filled with fear, struggle and mediocrity.

Do you have the life you ultimately want right now? If not, pay close attention…

  1. Learning how to handle anger is not the answer.
  2. Learning what to do about depression is not the answer.
  3. Taking drugs for panic attacks is not the answer.

When we can’t see a way out, we visualize our lives continuing the way they are or getting worse.

It’s like being on a sinking ship, except with a sinking ship, we know it will be over soon.

Is it stressful to visualize yourself living 30, 40 or 50 more years the way you are living now? Most women say, “YES!”

The key to eliminating stress (fear, sadness and anger about your mediocre future) is taking responsibility for everything in your life. It sounds like a big, icky thing to do and why should you since a lot of the bad things are not your fault, right? Stick with me here…

Even when someone else is responsible for a negative in our life, at some point, we said, “Yes” to them being in our life. Circumstances presented themselves and we said, “Yes.” By doing this, we did create the negative things in our life and although it feels bad for a little while, oh, the power you will realize when you do it! It’s made a tremendous difference for me and my life has completely transformed ever since.

It feels good to take credit for the good things we’ve created but taking responsibility for the bad things we’ve created as well gives us ultimate power over our lives. Maybe someone in our life betrayed us. Let’s follow that situation back to how they entered our life in the first place.

  1. Were they different then? If so, maybe we’ve learned what we needed to from them and they from us and now it’s time to let them go. 
  2. Did we have a bad gut feeling about them when we met? If so, better to trust and follow that next time instead of allowing them to pollute our emotions with unnecessary things that create stress.

Once we understand how powerful we are we realize (regardless of what we’ve created so far), we can create what we really want for our future – a future worthy of bouncing out of bed for each day!

How do you feel when you picture your future being bright and happy? Visualize having the relationships you want and family communication that is healthy and empowering. Create your ideal future in your head first and feel the feelings of what it feels like to already have it. The little voice in your head will tell you it’s not possible so thump it hard and tell it to shut up! You can create what you want by manifesting with emotional thinking about your ideal future. Here’s a book that will surely help (I wrote a blog post about it).

Remember: women stress, stress in you is fear, sadness and anger about your future, which you are perfectly capable of adjusting to be what you want and love. 

Leave a comment and let me know how much a bright future would impact you on a daily basis.

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