Your Thoughts Create Your Results

Thoughts are a dime-a-dozen and everyone gives us theirs without us asking but do you realize that your thoughts create your results?

Those thoughts that float by about what you’d like to do about the rude customer or arrogant boss have a lot of power as do the positive thoughts you think every day. Here’s why:

  1. Thoughts create feelings
  2. Feelings create vibrations
  3. Vibrations create results

It’s that simple.

Your thoughts create your results can be a double-edged sword before you program yourself to see the bright side of all situations. Remember, there are ALWAYS two sides.

Why do many people get what they want faster than you do? Two reasons:

  1. They are thinking more positive thoughts in the direction of what they want
  2. Or they have created enough good with their thoughts previously that they are basking in the sunshine even as their positivity dissolves into greed or arrogance

If you see that #1 is the case, model them! If you see that #2 is the unfortunate case, steer clear for they are creating negative results that are on their way.

Remember that in the case of money, more makes you more of who you truly are. This means a person who is greedy could focus on money and get it but the greed will be magnified with more money. As a positive woman, you can focus on creating more money to be of help to more people and when you get it, you will be even more powerful to help others. Your thoughts create your results!

Focus on what you want because any time you focus on what you don’t want, you are drawing it to you through your vibration (Universal Law of Vibration).

If you think of great health, you will create great health with diligent, daily focus on what you DO want. If you think of living “cancer-free” you are focusing on cancer. Think of living abundantly healthy! Cancer has no place in your thoughts. Disease cures don’t either as you cannot focus on a cure without first focusing on the disease because without the disease, there would be no need for a cure.

Your thoughts create your results – good or bad.

What do you choose to begin focusing on from today forward? Remember to feel the feelings of what it’s like to already have what you want. This is emotional thinking and what begins and fuels manifesting your results.

When you fall into negative feelings of doubt or worry, think of something pleasant to get back into feel-good mode and revisit what you want with that feeling instead. The key is to stay in positive feelings and turn away from negative feelings. Practice will make you better and better and soon you will be able to do it much quicker and for a longer period of time, speeding up the manifestation of your dream health, wealth and relationships.

Let me know in a comment how it feels to have something positive to focus on that can truly create a brighter future for you to look forward to!

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2 thoughts on “Your Thoughts Create Your Results”

  1. This is such a powerful concept! Really life-changing. Once I learned that I could change my life by changing what I focused on, things really started getting better. I felt more in control of my life. I began learning to focus my thoughts on what I DID want, instead of bemoaning all the things I didn’t want. As I retrained my brain to focus on what I wanted to create (instead of what I wanted to get rid of) I began taking different actions, more proactive. That’s when my results really started changing.

    As for what I’m going to focus on creating now, I’ve noticed the last two weeks I’ve been telling myself that I’m exhausted inside and out. Guess how I’ve been feeling–exhausted! So today I’m focused on being filled with excitement and abundant energy to take massive action and get some stuff done 🙂 Thanks for the great reminder, Kelly!

    1. Thank you, Kirsten! Great example and I’m so glad you are seeing such excellent results. You reminded me that this past week, I’ve been focusing on getting over a cold. Now that I’m focusing on feeling GREAT, guess what? Yep. I’m feeling 100% better and not even mentioning the cold so it has no room to exist. When I’m feeling good inside, the outside or physical feelings have no choice but to improve. Thank YOU for the reminder. 🙂

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